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We live in a patriarchal society in which businesses are run by men and their sons and even more so in the construction industry. It is very unconventional and rare to see a woman working in this industry but Tanisha says, “Society will keep changing their minds about what a woman should and should not do, I can’t wait for them”. She went ahead and took the road less traveled. A young Tanisha Khandelwal started her own business at 18 and named it Archadeo Developers. She adds, “We may have to rethink Bob the Builder”.

Tanisha is the only female builder in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. That doesn’t discourage her it only empowers her. She has made moves that have left people speechless. She has honed her skills and has worked her way up the totem pole in the industry. Her hard work has helped her get many government projects and road projects too! At Archadeo she channels her love for structures and design and puts her ideation to execution. Archadeo has some of the best construction and interior designs. They’ll help you build your dream house, villa, or even a castle! All with a modern finish.

She is the outlier that is setting standards and paving a path for future female aspirants. She still is doing her part by encouraging every woman to find work in her company. Apart from women she has also helped find employment for more than 100 families. This is something to look up to and we need to put on our thinking caps, possibly a builders caps, and question stereotypes and will to break out of them. More importantly, give enough space for outliers such as her to build their dreams.

“The blueprint to life won’t look the same for everyone”, says the aspirational builder Tanisha, it’ll take many tries and failures along the way to make something worthwhile but that is the challenge”, she says. Her faith and hard work have paid off and now Archadeo owns three establishments in India. As a woman the challenges she faces are a lot more and a lot different than the ones that her male counterparts would face but that never put her in bad spirits. She always took everything with a grain of salt and kept working to build her dream career and help others’ dream houses come to life.

At Archadeo, their designs will have you floored since they are fresh and functional. Designs for buildings and rooms her team will guide you throughout the way. Tanisha has put a twist on the old saying, a woman makes the house what it is. Give builders like her a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised with the newness she brings to the table. Hers is perspective and design that deserves to be heard and seen. More women in every industry and we will be unlocking hidden potential in society. Thai is Tanisha’s story of paving her road to success quite literally to learn more:

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