North London Influencer & Model Kenza Boutrif is Setting Instagram on Fire

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From lifestyle, to fashion, to sharing her remarkable beauty and personality the world just can’t get enough of Kenza Boutrif on social media. And at just 19-years-old the best is yet to come.

Ethnically Algerian and Congolese and born in Belgium, North London rising star model and influencer Kenza Boutrif came to the U.K. when she was just six years old. Faced with the challenge of having to learn a new language, make new friends, and embrace a new culture, Kenza showed right away she possesses very special qualities. Over a decade later, now 19, Kenze Boutrif has become one of London’s most engaging rising influencers, while also expanding into the world of modeling. In exciting news, Kenza recently celebrated crossing the 700,000 follower milestone on Instagram, while also becoming the official face of the popular ASOS online fashion store. A stunning accomplishment with just two years of modeling experience behind her.

“My story shows what can happen if you are honest and be yourself,” commented the always enthusiastic Kenza. “I hope this inspires other girls! Don’t hide away from what makes you unique. People recognize, invest and connect with honesty and that’s what builds a loyal following. All while keeping a focus on and accomplishing your long term goals.”

As Kenza’s influence and social media following continues to grow and her reach expands from her modeling and fashion work, expect new opportunities to rise and doors to open.

It’s quite clear that she is as well positioned to make the most of these as a young woman can reasonably be expected to be. Kenza Boutrif has a bright future, that she has no plans on letting get away from her.

Don’t forget to check out her ASOS “must have” edit.

Stay connected with the rising star on Instagram @6kenza or her personal website.


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