Noori Ali, the inspiring Makeup Artist who made it big in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

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Makeup is more natural than the word suggests. From building the confidence in many to keep it creative, every makeup artist only dreams to make people’s life simpler. Noori Ali is a renowned and established makeup artist who has made it big in the beauty industry. She has used her unconventional techniques to deliver excellent results.

Thrift has been the buzzword amongst us for a while now, more so since the pandemic. Instagram has witnessed the mushrooming of pop-up online thrift stores started by even teenagers, from every nook and corner of the country. Social media influencers and fashion bloggers have also jumped on this sustainable bandwagon by trying to encourage the thrifting mentality. The global outcry and allegations against fast fashion brands have egged on this desire in people striving to lead a more eco-friendly life, to make conscious fashion choices.

Noori Ali has an extraordinary understanding of fashion styles, expressions, and brand showcasing, making her one of the biggest Fashion Influencers in India. In India, there are several fashion influencers that have been considered as their guide, and many of them follow their Instagram accounts to find out new information.

For the new generation, the name of Noori Ali is an inspiration for all those in this field who encourage the youth to become Instagram Influencers.

As a Digital Creator, Noori Ali encourages youth to take advantage of social media to become more visible and popular. She nurtured her talent in this race to become a social media influencer and achieved this position, which is a matter of pride for everyone today.

Noori Ali has been inspiring with her stunning makeup and most stylish fashion moments ever since she joined the Industry. 

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