Niketa Pahuja – Born To Shine

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Hello writers! Here is your new writer ‘Niketa Pahuja’, Born and raised up in Moradabad. Currently She belongs to Rudrapur city in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.
She lives with her beautiful family. She is a skillful housewife and she never thought about to be a writer. But now, at this time she is an excellent writer.

In this article we’ll know about her writing journey and her achievements. She started her journey in lockdown 2020. When Niketa started to write, she writes only 2-4 lines shayari. But slowly she started giving the form of poetry by putting the feelings of her heart in beautiful words. She worked hard for getting achievements as a writer.

Obviously, It is tough for people to become a writer unless and until they are thinking smartly. Working hard is the only option to get success in any field like gaming, dancing, singing or writing. Without any efforts it would not have been possible for her to reach such heights.

She selected for best writer of the year two times. She also does anthologies and She has participated in ten Anthologies. Some of those are here….1. Pretty little scars, 2. Pita-An Ideal, 3. Patriotism, 4. Humanity on the path to bliss, 5. Path of heeling…etc.

Along with anthology, she often participates in writing competitions and get victories too. Even on Pratilipi app, she has published more than a century of works. Her novel ” ANDEKHI MOHABBAT” is completed one million views.

She loves to write the emotions of heart. It’s her speciality that She puts the feelings of the heart on paper very beautifully. She has also been a business woman before marriage and now helps her husband in his business as well. She handles both her personal and professional life very well. Besides writing poems she is very fond of listening music.

She made his significant contribution for a mission held by aspirant achivers,named “stop rape save humanity” and for this she also received a trophy in honor from Aspirant Achievers.

Along with this, she is also known as a respected and reputed author on Rashmirathi Panel also received many honor letters from Rashmirathi for her excellent writing.
She gives the credit of her success to her father and her husband and she also says that her in-laws have also given full support to her success, whom she thanks wholeheartedly.
She also wrote 700+ quotes on your quote app. You can also follow her on your quote I’d – Niketa Pahuja

She wrote 150+ poetries and write-ups on pratilipi app. If you want to read her poems or novel , so follow her on Pratilipi also.
Here is her pratilipi profile – Niketa Pahuja

You may know her better in her Instagram handle :-


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