Nicola Atzei Reveals The Rules to Be Followed To Attain Your Dream Physique

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Everybody dreams of having a perfect body, but what defines an ideal body is different for everyone. While some people’s dream physique requires them to lose weight, others want to gain weight, and others want to build a lot of muscle.

No matter what a dream physique means to a person, some rules should be followed, and others should be avoided on the journey to attain the perfect body. Nicola Atzei, the owner of the Team Nicola Atzei® brand, representing the best in Italian online coaching, has a lot of advice to share.

Who Is Nicola Atzei?

Nicola Atzei is a certified personal trainer and one of the best online coaches in Italy and abroad. His coaching company, Team Nicola Atzei®, is succeeding year after year as he establishes himself in the industry. He uses personalized, superior-quality training programs to help make his clients’ dreams come true, allowing them to achieve results and attain their top physiques in just a few months.

Atzei has 15 years of experience in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. One of his secrets has always been not following the crowd and differentiating himself with innovative working methods and a certified registered office. He’s dedicated to giving 100% to each of his clients.

After graduating as a personal trainer at the age of 24, he continued to study and attend gyms until he chose to abandon his career as a footballer and dedicate himself fully to his most important project: certified online coaching. His skill and experience allowed him to cultivate athletes in most of Italy and abroad throughout the years.

Here are the top three mistakes that Atzei believes everyone should avoid while chasing their dream physique.

Eat Enough Food

One of Atzei’s main philosophies is, “Eat like a Saiyan, train like a beast.” Whether trying to lose weight, gain weight, or build muscle, one of the worst things a person can do for themselves is skip meals or eat the wrong foods. One of the secrets to attaining a dream physique, no matter what it is, is to eat well and a lot.

Don’t Skimp on Training

The second half of Atzei’s philosophy, “Eat like a Saiyan, train like a beast,” is that people should push themselves in training. Whether the goal is to run a marathon, be a professional bodybuilder, or heal from an injury, a person should never skimp on training. Atzei believes that a person should “never give up at the first difficulty; if you fall ten times, get up 11.”

Never Doubt Yourself

“If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?” Atzei often references this quote from Kobe Bryant, which represents a winning mentality. He believes that everyone should wake up every day with a goal and know that they have given their best.

Nicola Atzei believes that satisfaction arises from determination and ability. He manages to push his customers to always dare to be the best versions of themselves, both in physicality and life in general.

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