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The world economy is in flux with panic over inflation, recession, and redundancy. The fear of missing out is taking a toll on social and mental well-being. With the cycle of change getting so abrupt and soon, how can a career for the young stay sustained. The question has been circling amidst a young skilled workforce, and the answer is being searched with data on what happened in the past and not what would be relevant for the unseen future. Let us dissect the future as to how we see the skill demand and career.

Future needs flexibility. Organizations would be employing a growing number of on the need basis (“gig”) employees. As being seen post-2020, a definite shift has emerged in how employees also view work, valuing the flexibility and freedom of contract jobs over the traditional arrangement of a steady 9-to-5 job. As the gig economy grows, industries are surely challenged with how to attract and onboard these new set of knowledge workers, who may not be granted access to traditional employee systems, such as learning portals. The other side of the coin is clearly asking talent to stay attuned with this shift to which they are transient to.

I certainly see it as a bit challenging for the knowledge workforce to comprehend the change sweeping in and stay relevant at the same time. The only mantra to sail through is to learn how fast we inverse our learning. The gap between the knowledge we possess and the knowledge we need to do the exemplary work has to be set up perfectly. Imagine how we prepare for something which we do not know. Future promises no gap between role expected and competency acquired. 

The first step is to see role requirements not as happened in the past but as they can happen in unseen time to come and future proof to deal with what one does not know. That would be perfect as core skills and winning formulae.

In tomorrow’s context, it’s not only necessary to catch up with what’s trending to stay relevant, but it’s also equally important to stay ahead of the curve with technological advancements to remain resourceful. Employers today aren’t convinced by elaborate resumes – they need people with agility and relevant skills in their workforce. After all, in this fast-paced industrial life, who wouldn’t want a multi-tasking employee who can effortlessly juggle multiple tasks? Young pro has to have the ability to acquire processed wisdom, dynamic competency, and the ability to comprehend and decide pragmatically when situations come out of the syllabus.

Not easy to stay relevant, and there lies the ask to stay connected with those whom you missed for years – friends, network, community. That will put one in a level field to latch on into the future for the next plan or career. It’s a great chance that working remotely and slashing off commute hassle allows many to grab that surplus time to communicate, dialogue, and share pieces of wisdom with each other and set pitches for a new story in a world of co-existence.

I always wish all ambitious should have a subsequent three years rolling plan and always recommend them to own that piece of blueprint which purely ought to be in their circle of influence. One needs to see a gap in skills, maturity, and execution from the current to the desired state and start building blocks as the plan suggests to all aspiring pros. Newly established networking and upskilling will be handy to get the breakthrough.

Master the mix of cognitive ability and contemporary skills, learn to communicate and collaborate more with the community and network, invest in self-learning newer gigs, and tell the right story to the coming era. 

The industrial world would look for those who are agile, self-driven, adaptable, and are ready to garner collective ability to manage uncertainties. 

Our courage, grit, and determination would make us to bet on success. I suggest all of us to get this gift coupon for a life upgrade with newer skills and new plans ahead of time. As known, “time and tide wait for no one.”

Thoughts by Dr Jaya Verma

Director Talent Development, LrnEd Technologies



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