Nagar Chaurasi Which Is The Symbolism Of Unity In Diversity Is Inspiring The Whole World.

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The Nagar Chaurasi tradition of Rajgarh got registered in multiple books of world record by getting a place in the Wikipedia.

Through Wikipedia, people from all over the world will also read about Nagar Chaurasi which signifies unity in diversity.It is a very proud moment for the whole country and this time 26th Nagar Chaurasi was organized in Rajgarh(Dhar),Madhyapradesh.It has got registered in about 19 institutions of world records.

Nagar Chaurasi Got Registered In The Following Books Of World Records:-

1.Golden Book of World Records
2.INKZOID Book Of Records
3.World Wide Book of Records
4.Champion Book of Records
5.Exclusive World Records
6.Glorious Book of Records
7.Veg Book of Records International
8.World’s Greatest Records
9.OMG Book of Records
10.Jaitley Book of Records
11.International World Records Book
12.State Book of Approval Records
13.Lincoln Book of Records
14.Assam Book of Records
15.Traditional Book of Records
16.The Indians Book of Records
17.Virtue Book of World Book of Records

and many more

What Is Nagar Chaurasi Tradition?

India is a country of varying culture,castes, languages and religion and this is what special in India.

In Rajgarh(Dhar) the tradition Nagar Chaurasi with faith,religion and belief is a symbolism of unity in diversity which shows brotherhood and mutual reconciliation.

Nagar Chaurasi promotes the spirit of brotherhood and harmony for the future of India with its vision of unity in diversity.

In India, people usually see events like Bhandara, Phale Chundari but only people from particular class can celebrate it on the other hand Nagar Chaurasi is an event for every class,which is celebrated in Rajgarh of Dhar district,Madhya Pradesh in India.

Nagar chaurasi is a tradition where people of all religions and castes eat together,this work is done without any discrimination of religion,caste or class.

There is a special view of unity in diversity in this tradition without any discrimination,where people of many religions like Sanatan Dharma, Jainism, Christianity, Islam etc takes part and in fact by this tradition we have raised our culture to new heights. Through Nagar chaurasi the Indian culture gives a message of happiness to the public that “We All Are Equal”.

Therefore,Nagar Chaurasi of Rajgarh(Dhar) generates a feeling of happiness in the society.


Rajgarh,Tehsil Sardarpur, District Dhar of Madhya Pradesh has been given the name of nagar chaurasi tradition for many years,this tradition is a prestige for everyone or this is such a event in which the whole city is involved.

People of all religions and castes sit together on the same floor and do food offerings.In which Hindu-Muslim-Bohra-Jain-Sikh-Christian all come with great joy and take food. The residents of Rajgarh have saved this Nagar Chaurasi till today. In the year 2022 February itself, a grand event of 25th Nagar Chaurasi was held.

Along with this, nagar chaurasi has also been included in the world record. Its name has reached to different places from Rajgarh(Dhar).This tradition enhances unity in diversity.

How Nagar Chaurasi Inspired The Whole World?

India has a very deep roots of Unity in Diversity. We celebrate many festivals together simultaneously we share common love and integrity for our heritage. ‘Nagar Chaurasi Festival’ celebrated in Rajgarh (Dhar), Madhyapradesh, has no exceptions, started in 2001, it is spreading message of unity since almost 2 decades, people from different religion, caste, creed and faith celebrate this every year. In 2022, more than 23000 people become part of it.

Many book of world records have taken notice of it and added this festival and nominated it’s entry into the scheduled publication of it as Edition of 2022.

Global Star,Ka’Ron Gaines Talks About The World Record Tradition- ‘Nagar Chaurasi’.

The global literary star and the current sensation in the field of literature told that world record tradition-Nagar Chaiurasi is becoming an inspiration for the whole world for its uniqueness because it is the only tradition in which people of religion,caste,creed & beliefs sit together for having food offerings.The global star is absolutely stunned by this unique tradition of India celebrated in Rajgarh (Dhar) Madhyapradesh and gives a salute to the country,India and the prime minister,Narendra Modi.

Who Is Global Star-Ka’Ron Gaines?

Ypsilanti based global literary sensation and Creator of Woke Seed, Ka’Ron Gaines is a popular name all around the world.

Known by his stage name Mr. One God, Gaines is also a recording artist and a rapper. The poems he wrote as a child during the days when there was violence in his community, were later converted to music releases. His latest single Woman God, in collaboration with Brand Nu is based on the ideology that he belives in.“All of us came here through a woman and that’s how our life starts on this planet called Earth,” he says. In fact, the most popular book Woke Seed Book which is based on the ideology of One Race, One Culture, One God, also talks about the importance of women.

Proud father of six beautiful children, Ka’Ron Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing. He is a well known political figure and former human rights commissioner for his active contributions against violence. As an activist, he started the comedy and music tours which traveled to various cities in and out of his state, Michigan.

What Was The Special Creation Of Ka’Ron Gaines?

‘Woke Seed’ Term Created by Ka’Ron Gaines was his special creation.

A Woke Seed is a conscious being, that gives enlightenment to others for them to enrich themselves.

What Are The Interesting Facts About Ka’Ron Gaines?

•Ka’Ron Gaines is the Creator of his city Ypsilanti’s anthem/theme song

•He has served as Human Relations Commissioner from 2015-2019

•Owner of One God Publishing and Founder of One God Clothing

•Starred in independent short films “Smoking Mirror” and “Dream Chaser”

•Ran for City Council as an Independent in 2020 Election

•More than a baby daddy fresh start program was created by him

•Grades is Money School Tour was started by him

•He is also the one who created Our Community Cleanup Crew

•Ka’Ron Gaines loves to spend time with his kids and create music.

How Nagar Chaurasi Got Highlighted?

Social activist and journalist,Akshay Bhandari told that after clicking photos and making videos of Nagar Chaurasi tradition of Rajgarh and has sent them to all these world record institutions along with that he also sent videos and photos of 26th Nagar Chaurasi, after which Nagar Chaurasi has entered the books of World Records.


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