Music Director and lyricist Duo Sandhya-Praniket’s Marathi song ‘O Sheth’ Marathi song is creating buzz these days

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Along with the ever-present mainstream commercial numbers, the Indian music business is an amalgamation of a wide range of folk and fusion, offbeats, and melodies. Songs and melodies have become so ingrained in our culture that it’s difficult to picture any occasion without them. Sandhya Keshe and Praniket Khune, a fantastic music director and lyricist duo, have blessed the Marathi cinema industry with the finest creative and the most popular dance number musical piece ‘O Sheth’ song.

Sandhya Keshe and Praniket Khune, Maharashtra’s first lyricist-music director duo, have been working together since 2017 and have written and created roughly 30 to 40 songs. Sandhya-Praniket gained to stardom in 2021 with their song “O Sheth Tumhi Nadach Kelay Thet,” which they composed after 40 songs. Praniket rose to the top of his profession as the lyricist, composer, and producer of the song “O Sheth Tumhi Nadach Kelay Thet.” He is now referred to as “O Sheth Fame Sandhya – Praniket.”

The music of Praniket and Sandhya brings back memories for music enthusiasts. They began their adventure as music lovers, and their songs have now become an addiction for many music fans who are also fans of Marathi melodies. Although the concept of composer and lyricist duos is not new, the Marathi entertainment industry has seen its first Lyricist and Music Director duo, Praniket and Sandhya, who perform in teams and believe that working as a duo helps them share views and generate ideas.

They say “We’ve seen music director duos that have been churning out excellent songs for decades in the music industry, and as Maharashtra’s first lyricist-music director duo, we both believe that working together as a partner is not only a lot of fun, but it also helps us create better music.”

Sandhya is a resident of Nashik’s Dasak village. Since she was a child, Sandhya has wanted to act and write. She was denied a platform because of the difficult circumstances. Praniket is from Osmanabad’s Kini village. After failing 10th grade, he had no desire to continue his schooling. DJ Praniket was born when he began remixing DJs on little PCs. Sandhya was the catalyst for Praniket’s musical career.

Needless to say, music is a magical language, and working as a duo is a strength especially when you are associated with the creative field. Praniket and Sandhya have been ruling the Marathi music scene for half a decade now with a host of melodies that ranged from love and romance to melancholy to dance numbers that have been purely lyrical and the ambit of their work in all its limits is truly phenomenal. Initially started out by arranging music and with considerable struggle and tremendous hard work they finally succeeded in making it big in the Marathi music industry with numerous compositions. If you haven’t heard the song yet you can listen and watch it on “DJ Pranikets Official” YouTube Channel


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