Mohd Salem Shares his Journey as a YouTube Gamer

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Gaming has become a whole new trend on YouTube. With the rising number of gamers on the platform, YouTube has become a hub for game lovers who are crazy about learning new exciting games. 

Mohd Salem has been a popular interactive gamer on YouTube for a couple of years. He started his channel as a way to follow his passion, but the humongous response over his videos soon converted this pastime into a profession.

Salem was a game enthusiast from a young age. New games and gaming characters always fascinated him. As he grew up he thought of following his passion to earn a living out of it. Soon he started his gaming channel on YouTube platform by the name of ASMR eSports. Within a short time the channel became quite popular among game enthusiasts, grabbing millions of views.

Salem always ensures his gaming sessions stand out from others by making them more intense and interesting. He always chooses more interactive games to increase audience involvement. He also conducts sessions on recently launched games. The most exciting strategy that he employs for his channel is gaming championships. Salem conducts all his gaming sessions as championships featuring fellow gamers. This increases the audience for his channel through a ripple effect as the video gets featured on the channels of fellow YouTube gamers.

To intensify the suspense of each gaming session and increase audience involvement, Salem also adds prize money to every championship and relates it to an interesting popular topic. His brilliant ideas have earned him success within a short span. His videos have gained thousands of followers, widening the reach of the ASMR eSports gaming platform.

Salem is a young man from Qatar. Hailing from a humble background, success did not come to him easily. Once he decided to convert his passion into a profession, he had to work harder every day to make it happen. He masterminded ideas to find what could be the unique factor for his gaming platform. The fact that he was always a gaming enthusiast helped a lot because he was already a part of a circle of gamers who agreed to be featured on his videos.

The popularity of ASMR eSports is escalating every passing day. Thanks to Salem’s innovative strategies, he keep his audience hooked throughout the gaming session and leaves them wanting more. He believes the entertainment factor of gaming is all about how it is presented. He tries to involve his audience in his every move to keep the tempo going for each session.

Gaming can be a full-fledged career when gamers have a platform to showcase their talent and earn appreciation. With the advances in technology and digital space, gaming will open more avenues of success for professional gamers. Salem is one such gamer who has made it happen out of his sheer talent and brilliance. He stands as an inspiration to many who want to chase their passion but are afraid of failure.

Salem believes that hard work and talent always pay off sooner or later. He is looking forward to taking his gaming career to new heights by introducing more interactive sessions with his audience and fellow gamers.


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