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Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh – The man behind Fayaz Sheikh Group of Companies

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They say that having two brains is better than having one, but what if I told you that having one amazing idea leads to the development of many more? Discovered the creator of one such concept, Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh, continued to rise to higher heights through serial entrepreneurship at a young age and maintained himself open to taking chances in order to become larger and better.

Under the subsidiary of Fayaz Sheikh Group of Companies SHRAVTECH SOLUTIONS, which provides Website development, Android App development, Software development and Digital Marketing services, FS FINANCIAL SERVICES was founded to bridge the gap between the loan and finance sectors by making loans more accessible and THE RIGHTWAY CONSULTANCY AND SERVICES focuses on giving technical training and career opportunities to recent graduates. Fayaz Sheikh Group of Companies is expanding its operations into a variety of areas as one of Nagpur’s most reputable and growing business groups, with diverse commercial interests ranging from Website development to Consultancy Services. The company’s operations are spread across the country as well as internationally.

As a result of the recent triumphs that have boosted the careers of young tech and digital media specialists like Fayaz, he is now boosting his clients’ growth via the use of appropriate and current digital marketing services. Fayaz has astonished everyone by demonstrating that age is only a number since he was a child. He is regarded as India’s next-generation entrepreneur, demonstrating that anyone can make a lot of money and earn a huge accolade at a young age.

Mr Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh had a natural affinity for technology and business, which led him to choose the proper road and become a digital world pioneer. He began his business adventure with Shravtech Solutions, a Software firm that offers services such as website development, Android app development, software development, and other digital marketing services. His early career was never easy or uncomplicated, and he encountered several challenges in running the firm. Though the start was slow, things moved quickly thanks to his persistent effort and high-quality work. His consistency and dedication set him apart, allowing him to achieve greater heights.

Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh has devoted his entire life to establishing a successful profession while keeping a positive reputation. He has become a job provider at such a young age and constantly assists numerous job seekers in obtaining employment and gaining technological expertise. Indeed, an invention comes in various ways, and it’s amazing when brilliant ideas can help solve global problems. With his predisposition for business and a strong desire to assist society in every manner feasible for social development and upliftment, Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh has followed the path less travelled to construct thriving hybrid firms.

Needless to say, owning a business is like scaling a steep mountain with several dangers hiding around every corner. But that didn’t deter him from pursuing his ambition of being a serial entrepreneur. He always found a way and continued going forward, no matter how difficult the circumstances were. When he possessed the desire to feed the being of his essence, motivation, creativity, and ideas flowed effortlessly to him. He continues to encourage ambitious young entrepreneurs with his tireless work and entrepreneurial drive.

 Claim to Fame – Mohammad Fayaz Sheikh

  • ShravTech Solutions- Managing Director
  • FS FINANCIAL SERVICES- Managing Director.
  • The Car Care Wash- CEO
  • FRS Education Consultants- CEO,
  • Huzur Tajushshariya Multi-purpose Society, Nagpur (NGO)- Founder/General Secretary

Success comes to individuals who have a burning desire to succeed and a determination to never give up under all circumstances. To put it another way, success is a determination to achieve the seemingly unattainable. He is not just an entrepreneur, but also a social entrepreneur who is committed to a variety of social causes such as free education, medical assistance, and the distribution of ration kits, among others. He has brought himself to the forefront of his dedication to society through his NGO Huzur Tajushshariya Multi-purpose Society in Nagpur.

The plethora of services provided by Shravtech Solution includes Website Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Bulk SMS services, Bulk WhatsApp Services, Social Media Marketing besides, WordPress Development and many more. The team at Shravtech Solution under the leadership of Fayaz prioritizes customers’ long-term success over short term goals. They commit to a set of values and instil them across the entire organization for enriching the leading experience with the customers. They patiently listen and addresses their clients and understands the customer’s expectations and their perception, they see the needs of their customers at each interaction with innovative and out of the box solutions.

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