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Mina Jay: A journey from an unrecognized face to an award-winning model

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Can you imagine a world without fashion? A world without wonderful clothes? A world without makeup and accessories? I am sure the answer would be a big ‘no’. Similarly, the fashion industry is incomplete without models.

Modelling is a glamourous and lucrative field that offers enormous opportunities along with a decent income, but to thrive in the profession requires a lot of hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. A model is someone who has the ability to walk, pose and smile, and do so with effortless flair.

Mina Jay, beyond her perfect body and flawless skin, is also a complete professional, a model who can draw attention and win hearts. She is a fashion designer, businesswoman and award-winning Iranian supermodel. We all know you can’t have fashion without glamour and Mina is the epitome of these attributes, along with grace, charm and attitude.

Here, Mina shares some of her tips for aspiring models:

  • A model must be bold and self-assured in front of the camera: confidence will shine through in the images
  • A model must be charismatic and full of energy. Posing is a performance
  • A model should have a positive, professional attitude, optimistic nature, and an abundance of grace and charm
  • Above all, models should be true to themselves. Your values, your character and your sensibilities are as important as your looks

Fashion is also, of course, a business, and in this regard, Mina has also flourished. If you’re starting your journey as an entrepreneur, you’ll be eager to succeed. The research tells us that fashion is by far the most popular category for women shopping online. Mina’s clothing brand, ‘The MinaJay Collection’, has captured the imaginations of shoppers with its stylish-casual allure and its exciting blend of cultural influences.

“The MinaJay brand is inspired by my Persian roots, which I merged with the LA lifestyle. Our collection focuses on comfort while promoting a unique style. The goal of my clothing line, including all of my upcoming collections, is to allow women to love themselves and be confident enough to show off their beauty in every possible way.”

Conversation with an award-winning Iranian model and businesswoman, Mina Jay:

What is modelling according to you?
For me, modelling is about working as part of a team using my own talents, which are then complemented by photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists to produce the best possible shot. It’s about creating a persona and providing a perfectly unique image that best captures my body for the products which are being advertised whether it’s clothes, accessories, makeup or even locations.

What separates some models from others?
Confidence. Personally, it took me time to find the confidence I have now. It’s remembering that every shot that is taken exudes who I am as a person. If I lack confidence that will be reflected in the image. Even now, after all these years, I’m still learning new things about myself on each job and, with the help of a team, I’m pushed to the best of my ability.
I’ve realized that to be a good model you must appear effortlessly cool and aesthetically poised while remaining true to yourself.

How did you start modelling?
I began modelling discreetly. My upbringing made it difficult to pursue modelling due to cultural boundaries. Regardless of the risks, I was determined to follow my heart and chased my passion. I was fortunate to meet some wonderful photographers and artists from my home country who helped me produce beautiful images. This is where my journey began.

Why have you moved to Dubai?
Modelling is technically illegal in Iran unless you are posing conservatively in a hijab. Naturally, I respect my country’s Islamic rules, but I desperately wanted to follow my dreams and the only way that could happen was to move.

How do you manage the business along with modelling?
My mother owns a textile business in Iran and is my inspiration, role model and mentor, especially when it comes to the business side of the company. It seemed a natural progression to join my passions together. I firmly believe that if you love what you do, you’ll never actually ‘work’ a day in your life.

Can you tell us more about The Mina Jay Collection and how it began?
The Mina Jay Collection is a women’s clothing brand, focussing predominately on comfort. It is inspired by my Persian culture while incorporating an LA lifestyle.
It had always been a personal dream to create my own line encompassing styles and designs that reflect my character. In 2019, having fulfilled many aspects of my modelling career, I was able to launch The Mina Jay Collection.

Are you going to give up on modelling and just focus on your line?
Modelling is who I am. It defines part of my identity and always will. I’m in the fortunate position that I’m able to multitask and while I can, I will contribute to the fashion world both as a model and a designer.

What are your future goals as a businesswoman and model?
Ultimately, I want to grow and develop my clothing line, increase my social media presence and get more recognition for my brand worldwide.
I also want to follow in my mother’s footsteps and inspire young women, as she inspires me.

What advice would you give to young girls who want to become models?
I would tell young women they are perfect in their own unique way and that most importantly, they shouldn’t compare themselves to others. Beauty ultimately comes from within.
I would say to any young woman to never stop chasing her dreams despite obstacles you may face. Make the dream a reality. That’s the mantra.

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