Meet Tristan Barrett, a genius among the few minds forging their way into the crypto markets:

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Tristan Barrett is a 19-year-old self-made crypto hedge fund millionaire. If you are wondering what hedge funds are let me walk you through them. A hedge fund is one among many investment options available in the crypto market. It is an option designed to pool money from different investors and buy securities or another form of investments. Tristan is a software engineer and is also a developer of, the first automated marketing software meant to revolutionize the cryptocurrency marketing world. Being a crypto investor, he has vast experience in digital currencies and is taking over the industry at such a young age. Within the first two months in the crypto market, he had become quite successful as he was able to turn $1200 into $500k. He is the first 19-year-old who runs the Altcoin crypto hedge fund.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currencies that has a high return potential and is classified among the quickest and easiest ways to create wealth. Cryptocurrency is the coming future and many are willing to venture into the market and discovers who digital assets actually work. This will help this market secure a greater marketer capitalization in the near future.

The crypto market is a fast-paced industry and due to this Covid 19 pandemic, there is an increase in the entry of new players in the market because people prefer cashless transaction in this situation.  We all know, in the crypto market Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency but earlier this year, there was an increase in Dogecoin’s popularity which has become rewarding for Barrett. Dogecoins is a cryptocurrency created by Billy Markus, who happens to be a Portland programmer. It was created as a parody of Bitcoin a few years ago but had a rise in popularity this year. It is the same as any other digital currencies where one will need to have a digital wallet to store and use them not only this but also Mining is a popular way of obtaining coins and one will need a computer and compatible software that allows the mining of the currencies. Barrett has gained quite successful in this industry by cracking into Dogecoin wallet by using the python software. He is on track to crack $7.6 million worth of Dogecoin this year.

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