Meet the mind behind popular Hair Care label ‘Ju Poppin’- Francine Gillian Garcia:

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Francine Gillian Garcia is what we call the ‘Jack of All Trades.’ She is a hair stylist, content creator, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. She was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean. After much hardships and challenges, she started her own label ‘ Ju Poppin’ which strives to promote healthy hair among men and women. Their product ingredients are sourced from the best places to provide quality service to their customers.

She completed her schooling at Vessigny Government Secondary school in Trinidad. However, she received her General Equivalency Diploma (GED) from Brooklyn College. Francine started her hair education and course in Hairanns hair school located in San Fernando, Trinidad. However, she changed it midway and continued with Patric Bradley, Matrix, Loreal, Najah. She also took Mastermind classes with Marissa Peer, Natalie Wedwell, and Grant Cardone.

Francine claims that she loves being a hair stylist and making women feel unique and special. Being a philanthropist herself, she loves to spread smiles and believes in being selfless and putting other people’s feelings and happiness before her own. Francine has a firm belief in God and loves gospel music. Her spiritual side is projected through this.

Imagine Francine’s love for her family if she puts a stranger’s happiness before hers? “Love for family is visible just by the love and protection I provide for my kids and grandkids.” She loves, cares and provides for her kids and grandkids and has immense adoration for them. Her wisdom and kindness have touched countless souls. She does not believe in profit and wants to give back to the community as much as she can.

Francine loves Grilled Salmon and any restaurant which has this available on their menu is the best restaurant according to her. Her ideal day at home includes watching action movies and criminal tv shows while drinking roscato or a cup of ginger tea. It’s pretty simple but portrays her warm nature. Most people have assumed Francine’s age to be something that is apparently less than her actual age. She said that she prefers to keep it that way as she is comfortable without revealing her actual age.

Francine Gillian Garcia loves her job as a hair stylist and all the opportunities it brings her. She wants to keep focusing on making healthy hair and will keep educating people on this. Francine has even been featured in prestigious magazines such as Essence and Oprah for her work in the aesthetics industry.  


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