Meet the brand revolutionizing luxury in kids’ couture, Little Luxury!

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A mother’s love knows no boundaries. This is the story of a mother who created something beautiful and luxurious that her children were proud to wear while instilling in them a love for fashion and design.

Years ago, Ruchi Marodia was irritated with the choices of clothing for her two children. She felt that the clothes that were being sold in the market for children never used to cater to the comfort and neither did they ever suit the occasion.

This piqued her curiosity to understand the situation more given her expertise in fashion as a NIFT graduate. Her inquisitiveness led her to discover that there were not many clothing options available in the market that were both stylish and comfortable for young children. The kidswear segment in India was characterized by poor quality, shoddy workmanship, and a distinct lack of creativity and luxury.

There was a vacuum to be filled. With this thought in mind, she started designing clothes for her beloved children which led her to the realization that the outfits she was putting together made her kids happier. The experience was priceless. She could see the happiness reflected on her children’s faces in the way they behaved and how they started seeing themselves.

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The collection had been initiated as an idea to show style, personality, and comfort in clothing. People loved it and started asking her where they could buy it. Therefore, she decided to build a brand that would cater to the needs of the little ones and be able to bring the inherent magic of love, luxury, and comfort to the faces of children. As a mother of twins, Ruchi understood the feelings of young parents as she had gone through the same experience before taking things into her own hands. Hence, she ventured into designing kids’ clothing lines by creating collections that were versatile, fun, and comfortable. From there, she understood that luxury never was meant to be uncomfortable.

Her kids had been her inspiration throughout – she noticed that their whole demeanor had changed once they started wearing clothes that she made and she found extraordinary strength and resilience through that. Her purpose aligned with solving the problem that most parents face while picking out outfits for their children. Thus, she founded Little Luxury with her children in mind, designing clothes that reflected their sense of adventure and whimsical spirit.

What surprised Ruchi the most was that even during kitty parties, her children were willing to attend and interact with others without being tentative and nervous. The clothes that she had designed were changing the way her children felt about themselves – and this was a huge step forward for her. As time gathered, she saw in her children the same passion for clothes that she had – they did not resist new occasions anymore. Her children started celebrating birthdays by dressing up in their best outfits. They even started dressing instead of making her do it and would even accept the outfits created by her without an argument.

Her designs have now started to become one of the most sought-after by parents all over the country, and now she brings them to you. Her clothes are crafted with the highest quality material available, and her designs are meant for those who value style, luxury, and comfort.

Those who appreciate quality will be delighted by what Little Luxury has to offer. In a world filled with monotonous clothing, Little Luxury is here to make sure your little one is not like the rest.


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