Meet Pratik Virkhare the youngest Digital Entrepreneur of M.P

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Pratik virkhare is from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh and he is 21 years old now. He is the founder of estrive media a  Digital marketing company he is college dropout. Pratik had started online marketing and digital promotions at the age of 19 as a freelancer. He was learning new skills everyday and started applying them for different projects, that’s how the journey started and now he is the youngest digital entrepreneur of M.P  in a very short period of just 2 years Pratik is very popular in his field. His hard work and passion for digital marketing are the reason for his success, Pratik has worked with many famous Instagram influencers and singers we all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s social media world. He works individually for his clients for their social media presence, youtube promotions and digital promotions as we mentioned above he is not going to stop, he works harder day by day and gains knowledge, he has many more projects in the pipeline. Pratik virkhare has excellence marketing and PR skills that can take any company or person to a higher level with his vast knowledge and extraordinary skills.

Thinking outside the box is the most beautiful part of pratik’s digital marketing ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and in the end his brilliance in many ways turns into a powerful force to become the hallmark of success.

At very young age Pratik is an inspiration to many of the young people there. Its very fascinating to see how a 21 years old boy is making a big name for himself in the field of digital promotions. Pratik also known as the “forever student” when most of the people of his age group were still figuring out what to do in life and Pratik hit big very quickly in the field of digital world. Started as a freelancer Pratik virkhare worked too hard and made a very good network in very short period of time. Pratik’s client list includes artists, musicians ,youtubers etc. according to Pratik “my network is my networth” according to Pratik in digital world if you want to be successful you need to work hard and you need to fulfill all the demands of your clients as the digital world is very competitive and if you are able to deliver the desired results then you loose your clients.

Pratik virkhare is a forever learner and this quality gives him an extra edge over his competition as he learns new techniques to deliver results and uses new methods way before his competition.

In just two years Pratik started his own company and took the digital world in very fashionable way. His company estrive media provides all services related to digital marketing. Pratik is having a network of more than 100 powerful people. Pratik’s association with different influencers and his work is speaking for Pratik.

When asked about the strategy he is following, he said there are no strategy I am following, I am college dropout and I am just doing the things in the right way, Pratik added “ if you want to be successful in digital world you need to keep on learning new methods to deliver fast and effective results and that’s the only way you can servive and do well in digital world,

People have talked enough of the many young professionals in varied industries of the world. The digital world too has been producing some of the greatest young talents across the globe. This indeed comes as great sign as people today are aware that different industries and sectors can thrive off of the astute skills and talents of these youngsters. Hence more and more companies are also employing youngsters for taking their firms to the next level. On the other hand more and more youngsters are stepping foot into the entrepreneurial world to be a part of the digital space and create something unique. Pratik virkhare has been doing exactly that and has now become a sought after digital marketing entrepreneur of the industry.

Pratik virkhare has risen to much fame with his company estrive media, which today shines bright in the digital space. Creating his own journey from small village was no walk in the game for him. Still thriving off of his strong mental attitude, confidence and his hunger to make it huge in the digital marketing space kept him moving ahead on his path which ultimately took him here where today he and his firm estrive media are trusted by a lots of clients.

Talking about Estrive Media, Pratik virkhare emphasizes that they have gained expertise in a variety of digital services for a variety of clients all around the world with a unique set of services and solutions for them. They have already aced the game of SEO, website creation and Ads apart from a long list of other robust digital services. Estrive Media,  by Pratik virkhare has become a digital marketing agency that is sought-after by many people and brands from across industries and fields, which proves the kind of success the young entrepreneur has also gained. Pratik virkhare  says that taking brands and businesses to the next level was something he had dreamed of early in his career but had no idea that someday he would be able to fulfil this vision, along with the number of passionate professionals who work with him, magnifying the visions of Estrive Media, which is to make people’s virtual dreams a reality. 

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