Meet Noufal s Independent Musical Artist From kollam,Kerala, India

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Noufal S is a Independent Musical Artist and Upcoming Film Director. He was on 21April 1998 in kerala,india. He predominantly Finished 12th Graduation & also Works in Film Field as Passion on other side. Noufal S Just is a Artist, who dream to Join Music field in South Indian film Industry. He is based in the town of Kollam from kerala. He started his Artist carrier in 2021 And his Songs Now Available at Youtube Musics, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music,Itunes, Instagram & at More than 45+ Music Streaming platfforms.

Trending song of Noufal S at Presently is Hip Hop Rock 2021.Noufal S is a Verified Artist in all Music Platforms and he Released his Songs Through Magroove Distribution To Whole Selected Stores in the World.

Early Life, He Born at Kollam ,Kerala. At young age He Completed His Studies Upto 12th at Tkmhss Karicode & Presently he Finished his 12th grade & Waiting For Next Oppurtunity to Film Industry.

He Discovered his passion in Music at age of 21. Being a complete beginner, he slowly build up his knowledge and craft in music through years, discovering lot of artists along the way. Being Inspired From Artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin bieber, Billie Eilish, and a Variety of Artists, Noufal S has found and shaped his own style of music. At age of 20,he have Contacts of Many Artist through messaging & numbers of South Indian & International Artists. Now he is ready to put his art for the world to hear. He found his interest in music from young ages. Its started his first steps to music at age of 21. He grew up listening to various styles of Music which indeed inspired me to make his own music. This lead him to follow and learn more about whats working behind those rhythms.He have gained experience and skills through years by self learning and moulding the craft.

He believe that growth in our Music only comes when you are striving to learn more about the diversities in it from nationalities around us. He would love to reach out to the other side of the globe to colloborate and come up with hit songs for the world to listen to.

Noufal S Son of Mr.Sainulabdeen A and Mrs.Shahubanath M. His family Consists of 4member, with Younger brother . Noufal S Family is Middle Class Nuclear Family and they are Sunni Musilms casts. His father Spend 25 years Abroad at Saudi Arabia & mother is House Hold. They are happy family & he got enough support from them.

Noufal S has been interested in technology, mobile, computers since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest in Music. He studied till class 10th from MGD HS For Boys, Kunadara. Noufal S Brother Name is Noushar S.
Career – He is starting his career as a Writer,in the past 2020

“Strive only for what we want to achieve in our life. Motivation of others is not our success. Our Goal is our success”


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