Meet fashionista Yash Katyal and know about his journey as a social media influencer

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It was well quoted by Bill Cunningham that “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”, and the one who makes it true making it relevant and trending in today’s generation is Yash Katyal, who is a lifestyle influencer and a businessman as well. His sense of style and fashion is an inspiration to so many young people, thus setting an example as an impactful icon whose passion is visible in everything he does.

Yash Katyal

Yash started his career as a model in 2012 with that amazing and charismatic personality that he carries, and with his determination and hard work, it came out to be a really good start for him. Escalating the ladder of success, in 2016, he shifted to his career as a social media influencer, which worked out well for him in the sense of popularity, fame and paving the path for so many youngsters out there. The goal of Mr Yash Katyal is very clear and definite, which is to influence the youth and the generation ‘Z’ by his unique style statements and fashion quotient.

He has worked with over 100 brands which speak in quite a volume about how serious and specific he is about his aim. With his relentless zeal to be the best in his game, he started seeing the results after working for two years in the social media industry in the form of appreciation from his followers and audiences. One of the prominent things that he is working on and has given his time to is ‘low cost clothing’, which he will dedicate to the Non- Governmental Organisations, and thus this is one thing which he wants to create a huge social impact.

Mr Yash Katyal believes that the guiding light in his career has been none other than his brother Vipul Juneja who motivated him to get into this industry and he fueled him with constant support. He undoubtedly was someone that Yash used to get inspired by personally. Mr Yash Katyal, as of now, has 1,62,000 followers on social media. With such a huge fan following and audience, he is creating a benchmark as a social media influencer in his way that so many people look forward to following his style and his trending fashion statements.

He is always motivated to do the next big thing, and he believes that willingness is very important for one’s personal growth. He is planning to start a fitness channel as well with the current work that he is doing because tagging along with them both would be a great amalgamation of his career choice. He is a true influencer who always keeps putting his best efforts into his niche. One of the most amazing works that Mr Yash Katyal has contributed is doing campaigns for the covid warriors during such uncertain times and lockdown around the country.

He gives the due credit of his success to his brother Vipul Juneja. The latter, according to him, always motivated him to do his best in all possible ways and inspired him to pursue his talent through this amazing platform of social media. Yash believes that his style and framework are very similar to him, and it has always been an inspiration and is working towards the same direction.

 Mr Yash Katyal’s work speaks for itself, and that has solely been why he has come so far in his career as a social media influencer, but he also believes that there are miles to go still so that he can always achieve what he wants. Follow Yash Katyal on Instagram for more information about him.


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