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Meet bablu sharma – A computer science student become a successful digital entrepreneur and made 1 million INR in 6 months

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MINDSET is the most powerful weapon in this world. If you have successfull mindset then you will become successfull in your life.
He is BABLU SHARMA and 19 year old computer science student from odisha.In last year due to pandemic he had financial crisis in his family and that’s why he started his online business journey and till now he have made 1 MILLION INR at the age of 19 and become 1ST YOUNGEST MILLIONAIRE BOY IN HIS FAMILY.
He belongs to a middle class family who have a dream to make reality. As you all know that every middle class parents wants their child to be graduated and get a secure job to build a career.But…He have the mindset to be his own boss.
In April 2020, while scrolling on social media ,he came across about affiliate marketing.Found interesting,since he was ready to explore new things,then he started his affiliate marketing journey.Affiliate marketing industry is a billion-dollar industry,and as of now it’s worth 12 billion dollar.About 48.36% of affiliate marketers earn 15 lakhs per year and Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online.You might have heard about affiliate marketing somewhere or other, and the same goes for everyone.But the fact is most of the people keep on thinking and don’t take action.but this was not the case with BABLU.He didn’t waste any second and started his journey.
In the initial days,he focused on learning because as you all know without having any prior knowledge about what are you doing, you can’t do it properly. And in the first two months he generate more than 1 lakh rupees of profit.But the next 5 months was a game-changer because He made 1 MILLION INR from affiliate marketing and become ONE OF THE TOP AFFILIATE MARKETER IN HIS ORGANISATION.Among 1 lakh+ affiliates. He was very few of them who got invited to an event of his organisation in GOA national trip of his company.
Being a small town middle-class and orthodox family boy it’s very difficult for him. His family don’t believe in online because of the fraud and scam in market. Many people are suffering from what society will say if you follow an unorthodox career path. But you have to upgrade yourself, everything is shifting offline to online. All thanks to internet. Some people misuse internet but he use internet and his smartphone to grow in his life.
There are two types of people in this worldACTION TAKERS AND THINKER.BABLU SHARMAwas action takers and work hard for his dreams and desire. Because experienceing life’s first flight flying above the clouds. He achieved his dream bike and iphone 13 pro Max.And He cleared his home loan.
Today he have gained good community and also he trained more than 38,000 affiliates in his business. Many of his students earned 5-6 figures every month,but he is not stopping here.His next Mission is to change 1 lakh+ student life from ordinary to extraordinary.You can follow him on Instagram to get his latest updates.
Reminder:- There are two types of people in world. Action taker or Thinker and now choice is yours because ACTION TAKERS ARE THE MONEY MAKER.


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