Meet aerial photographer Akil Henley, taking over the creative fields as a true-blue professional.

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He is a modern-day creator, providing value to people in the photography and social media world.

It is always very surreal to learn about all those people who choose to do the different and raise the bar for others in their chosen industries. These individuals have shown what it really takes to become the best in their fields and through the process and their journeys also inspire the world. To make a career of one’s choice and go ahead creating milestones in the same is no bed of roses, but some professionals have done that and have earned themselves great recognition and prominence. The photography industry is one, which so far has welcomed innumerable talents, but a few rare gems have gone ahead in astounding the world with their work. Topping the list of such ace photographers specializing in aerial/drone photography is Akil Henley.

From the very beginning, if anything, that fascinated Akil Henley the most, it was to all things creative. Photography was something his heart was hooked on since forever, but he also noticed how it was time to bring about innovations in the industry by letting people experience the grandeur of a place or a location by doing something with aerial photography. To fill this market gap, he jumped into the photography world and since then has never looked back. 

Coming from the background of the Caribbean islands, Virgin Islands Saint Thomas, to be exact, Akil Henley’s success today not just as a photographer but also as an influencer and app creator has astonished people worldwide as an African-American professional. He has his drone named ‘Traveldroneslife’, which offers people incredible services with presets, prints and also coaching services. Akil Henley proudly says that there aren’t many African American influencers and even fewer people of colour app developers that also create content. He is glad he has been able to do this and achieve tremendously as an influencer and creator of his app named ‘nFluencer’ (, which is designed for IOS for growing people’s influence on social media through a variety of creating and editing options.

Akil Henley is a true creator, whether with his aerial drone shots and photography or with his apps. To know more, follow him on Instagram @traveldronelife.

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