MD Glam – This doctor-developed advanced skincare product range is cruelty-free too

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The beauty and the cosmetic sector is a highly competitive industry with thousands of products and their variants. Every company tries to distinguish itself by trying to make its product unique and better than its competitors. Dr. Cat Begovic, a co-founder of MD Glam, is one such individual who is introducing her advanced skincare products into the markets.

She is a cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, and a scientist who has majored in molecular biology from Harvard University. She is also one of the leading beauty surgeons in Beverly Hills and has good public exposure through a television show called Dr. 90210. In this television series, they show such doctors in action at their work dealing with their patients. She is one of the few women in a male-dominated profession, which makes her unique to her female clientele. They are open, comfortable, and confident to approach her with their insecurities and problems. 

She has launched a line of products focusing on the skincare and anti-aging properties of the product. The stand out point for the consumers is that it is cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals. A lot of animals are used as test subjects by corporations to run their product testing. Wrong permutation or combination of chemicals in the products can cause them extreme pain leading to their death. It is not required for corporations to test their products on animals but could use more sophisticated testing methods. They can conduct trials on human cells and tissue or use advanced computer modeling techniques to achieve the same results. The reason animal testing stills exists is that they are much cheaper in comparison. People are now aware and educated about these testing methods and have started boycotting companies that do not follow a cruelty-free protocol for their products.

Along with being cruelty-free, it is also free of harmful chemicals such as paraben and sulfate. The effect is that the product will be gentler and more nourishing on the skin. Dr. Cat Begovic has also worked on reducing the price points of her products. She has done so by eliminating the distributors and retailers who act as intermediaries. The sale of her products will be made directly through her website for her consumers and clientele.

This skincare product is one to watch out for in the cosmetic sector and is highly recommended for everyone to check out for themselves.

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