‘MAPHA’ may be the new revolution in Indian Education system

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Right to education is one of the most important fundamental rights for every citizen of India. However right to education came in to existence a decade ago, still the education was costly affair in our country. As per the expert’s verdict,  quality education is one of  the key factors for the growth of any nation.

We should all pay attention whether a child born and brought up in a metro city and child from a remote rural village have same learning out comes in our education system. For example a student from a metro city like Delhi who is studying in a big corporate school and a student from a remote village (like Mandavalli of Krishna district in AP) who is studying in small government/private school are not having equal opportunities to crack competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, IAS etc. The other problems which are to be addressed are

  • Teacher Training, which is the major concern in India but still it is neglected. As per DISE just <15% of teachers in Govt. schools and

<2% of teachers in Pvt schools are getting trained every year but the quality of that training is also uncertain.

  • In India more than 90% schools are Govt. / Small Pvt standalones where the quality of education is the major concern.
  • Lack of accessibility of quality content for students for low/no price.
  • Lack   of   proper   extra-curricular   activities in Indian education system.

Once we resolve above all problems then we can visualize our country in the top, among other countries in the world.

To overcome the above mentioned problems a startup (Sri Ayaan Initiatives LLP) in our country after 4 years of extensive research came up with an amazing mobile application named ‘MAPHA’ which is available for schools at free of cost.

The unique feature of this app is the training module, through which we can train not only the students but also the teachers. Through this training, we can improve the quality standards of teaching and education in the schools by multiple folds. Along with the training module there are 10 different modules like Archives, VAL, Active Feed, Forums etc. in this mobile application. The uniqueness of this application is, the school owner/Principal can have 100% control over teacher training quality and the student progress through micro level detailed analytics of teachers and students, generated through this application.

This startup was recognized by central government through StartUp India scheme. Apart from that it has received no of recognitions like Forbes India, Business Connect, Innovative zone, Indian Achiever’s Award, India 500 startup award, Ayushman Bharth etc. and became Numero Uno in the e-learning applications available in our country.

Already more than 1000 schools adopted and using ‘MPAHA’ app and getting benefited. It is the time to appreciate MAPHA team for bringing this application accessible to all schools in our country at free of cost. We hope all schools should use this opportunity and get benefited. To register your school in this portal you can visit and can contact Mapha team for support.


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