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Mahbub Islam shares his opinion about his Entrepreneur Journey till now. It might seem that way to outsiders, who only glance at the success and the achievements, but if you look closer you’ll unveil a strategic and immensely persistent journey. You’ll see that those tip-of-the-iceberg accomplishments are the result of years of learning, exploring, and challenges. To get to where he is today, Mahbub Islam has gone through immense growth, both personal and professional. Here are some question asked this young boy.

Can you tell us about the challenges you faced while building your vision?

When you are heading towards success, the journey has to be full of ups and downs. Mine was like a roller coaster ride. Of course, there was a bucket full of issues i faced initially, but that shouldn’t be the reason to hold you back.

people also know you as ” Musical Artist/Musican”. How did you get to Music Industry?

From the beginning i enjoyed Music’s and Songs but i never tried to sing because i am too bad at singing so yeah, when i was working with my agency, somewhere i had alot stress so, one day i opened FL Studio, which i knew how to use before and i made a random beat which was good and i enjoyed it i showed to my mom she said, “Its good”, from there i entered music industry as a Music Producer.

Mahbub started his journey when he was only 21 years old when he first came across the concept of making money online and now Mahbub Islam is the founder of Heart Noice Marketing Agency.

Any advice and suggestions for young teenagers like you?

Well, my suggestion is success starts with self-belief, focus, hard work, and risk-taking ability. If you believe in something you must be able to take the risk to achieve that. Even i wrote a small book about digital market be creative and believe in yourself because at the end you have to survive all alone .To be an Entrepreneur you have to plan Everything in Advance.


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