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Its a dream for everyone to own a house for their living. Being architects, its our responsibility to provide an adobe with better utilization of spaces, aesthetically pleasing environment without missing out even the smallest of the corner in the house, all at an affordable cost.This is when we Ar.Reagan bosco and Ar.Priyanka came up with the idea of developing Macrealities, which was first started in the year 1998 that functioned as a contracting company handling institutional projects. We initially worked on projects as freelancers and later we took over Macrealities to add more value to it.We incorporated the company in the year 2020 as Macrealities Design Private Limited. The company was then re-imagined as a creative hub with a mighty network of young and enthusiastic Architects and Designers. “Our vision is to ENHANCE YOUR “HABITAT & LIFESTYLE” by providing our guidance through designs covering Planning, Construction, Interior Designing and customized Balcony Designing. We have also extended our service globally through our E-Design (online Interior Designing consultation) We believe design reflects one’s personality and not everyone here has the same. It takes a small journey to make you believe in us and we assure you to stick to the core values that we intend to follow and share with our customers.”

We have done over 70+ projects covering all the categories and we are planning to branch out in other cities as well. In the period where people have slowly started seeing the importance of having a space both aesthetically and functionally covered they expect professional’s help inorder to have a hassle free experience. Also people have the mindset that hiring a professional is always a luxury to afford. But in macrealities we make this little easier for our clients by being approachable and providing them with one stop solution. It is always easy for a single expert to help you out in all aspects, so that the requirements and the outputs are not compromised anywhere.

Macrealities has been recognised and awarded in National Architecture & Interior design excellence awards 2021 for the category “Most creative interior design firm of the year 2021,tamil nadu for residential and commercial projects” & Best interior Designers in Chennai. We give our utmost importance in providing our employees a comfortable environment to work from, inorder to be productive. We believe that for an individual to be good at whatever they do, it is first important to make sure we give them a comfortable environment to work from. The vibe that you create in an office space where an individual spends a quality time of about 8 to 9hrs, plays a vital role. Having this in mind we first made sure we keep our office as a space where you feel relaxed while working.This level of comfort is something which we give to our team and we would like to keep improvising on that further, inorder to boost our team’s capacity and creative thinking. Then comes the kind of work we assign. Every candidate is good at something, we strongly believe in that and we ensure it is properly utilized. Since the range of projects which we handle are all of different scales, our team gets to try their hands on different aspects through which they get to learn more new things keeping their excitement on.

Currently we are a strong team of 7. We have architects, interior designers and engineers contributing to the growth of our company.Every single person has got their own individuality and knowledge which we try to bring it on to the worktable, by not having an hierarchy. So every input or ideas which is brought to the table is been evaluated by all of us and been implemented. Following a non-hierarchical system helps in bringing everyone together and it brings out a strong sense of dedication, commitment and accountability both to the firm as well as the projects we deal with. In terms of handling projects it becomes easier because the inputs do not just come from the chief but also from all other designers, engineers and site coordinators. This helps every single individual involved in the project to know exactly how things has to proceed further without any delays. This helps us in better project management aspect as well.

Having gained trust in our clients with our remarkable service in this industry and with our passionate team members Macrealities will be spreading its wings to serve our customers in its best way possible.


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