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Lost in Maris Vijay’s “Somewhere I lost you.”

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“Somewhere I lost you”, a music album, will be released soon directed by Maris Vijay, who is one of the most famous music directors worldwide. The production has already released the teaser for the audio preview, and this teaser has already reached one million on Instagram.

But the story behind the composition is quite eye-catching. Maris Vijay composed this soft melody in 2013 for the actress “Meera Jasmine” for the movie “Vingyani.”

She is one of the lead actresses in Malayalam and Tamil. Because of this melody, Maris Vijay got the chance to direct the movie as a music director. It turned out to be a great turn in his life. It was his first movie to direct as music director. 

The most amusing thing was that this song was not even in the movie because of the sudden change of script. Then Maris Vijay gave him another fast number song according to the need of the hour. Vingyani turned out to be good luck for Maris Vijay. 

The composition was his first, so obviously, it is always dear to him. He preserved this and was waiting for the right time to launch this for the right album. Finally, one of the masterpieces is going to be released in 2022. Originally, it was written and composed in the Tamil language only. But he is also planning to release the Hindi version, which is under production.

He has decided to keep the same lyrics as the initial was. The song has different scales from low to high, but the way by which the lead singer added polish is impressive. For the different dynamics, “Shailey Bidwaikar” is credited. A vintage retro-soul who made her First debut in Tamil through this track. 

An amazing art always includes whole exceptional teamwork, just like this song. The lead actress is “Jyoti Pawar” who also made her first debut, stepping into the Tamil industry. 

The production house is M-Muzik, a platform created by Maris Vijay. For this album, the orchestra music is recorded in London. All the strings are played by musicians of London. This album is a mutual work between different cultures.

The lyricist behind this softness is “Mullai Nishanthan”. It is his first lyrics in Tamil Industry. It can be seen how the new talent is welcomed at M-Muzik official platform. This album can also be found at This is the reason why Maris Vijay has gained so much respect and faith. The Director of photography is “Smithin Joshua”, who also bags the editing efforts. This is another reason why the teaser is so fresh and trendy. “Somewhere I lost you” is planned to be released soon. The teaser is already showing how the song would be hitting heights. Efforts of the whole crew, including everyone, are already adding charisma to this album. Most of them are newcomers and still creating their best. Isn’t it amazing! For more such surprises, stay tuned.


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