Looking for the best cakes in Mumbai? it is none other than the store chain called Occasion Cake Shop!

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Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other similar things have one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it right, the cake. Ordering the best cakes for such occasions remains the top priority of people celebrating their special days. So, when it comes to choosing the best cakes in Mumbai, it is none other than the store chain called Occasion Cake Shop.

Mr. Virendra Atmaram Sawant 

It is governed by the company with similar name Occasion Cake Pvt. Ltd, which has been running smoothly since the past one decade or so. Today, Occasion cake has 14 outlets in Mumbai. All credits to the directors of the Occasion Cakes – Mr.Virendra Atmaram Sawant & Mr.Suryakant Nalawade.

Mr. Suryakant Nalawade

The store is known for embarking upon some irresistible taste cakes for different occasions, suffusing all the requirements of people and their competence. Well, with passage of time, he intends to be the kind of cake not just in the city or state but in the entire city level. The store has its own website, wherein you can check and place the order in no time. You can explore a wide range of cakes there at the store and place orders there or via other carriers to get them delivered right at your doorstep!

The office location is in Vaishnav Nivas Akurli across no.2 Kandivali East, while its manufacturing unit is based at Kandivali East Mumbai. The company has a turnover of INR 10 Cr. The store deals in a wide range of cakes and similar products. The people behind this group are now willing to take up their business to the next level. You can enjoy something different here at these Cake Stores.


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