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‘Dreams do come true if we keep working towards making them come true.’ This is the philosophy Prashant Kaul believes in. He is the next vivid thinker and a crazy dreamer. 

Prashant Kaul is the bestselling and a dynamic author and is a well-known name in the publishing industry. He has penned and published three books, namely, It’s Got to be LoveSeven, and I Am Sorry my Love

He started his writing journey six years ago when he published his first book, ‘It’s Got to be Love’. It’s one of the most loved and read romance novels of its time. The book has sold more than 2500 copies across India and has been awarded on various platforms. 

Prashant Kaul published his second novel ‘Seven’ last year. ‘Seven’ is an amalgamation of seven true stories. These seven stories give you goosebumps, will scare you, will make you laugh and cry. Prashant has shown his versatility as a writer with an anthology like’ Seven’. ‘Seven’ has been titled as a Bestseller on Amazon twice and is loved and celebrated by readers across all ages.

‘I am Sorry my Love’ is Prashant’s recent work, and the book got published a month back. In just a month of its release, the Book is awarded and recognised as the most dynamic and unique romance thriller novel of the year 2021. The Book has been generating rave reviews and is being appreciated by readers for its fantastic storyline and narration.

‘I Am Sorry My Love’ is a Love story, but it’s not an average love story. It’s a story that will grip, enthral, and beguile even the best of bibliophiles to a point where they are smitten with the characters. The protagonist is an entitled individual who is besotted with a woman and can do anything to own her. His maniacal pursuit of unrequited love turns him into a stalker and then a monster, shaking the very foundation of trust and friendship. He eventually gets dragged into a whirlpool of wrong-doing through his actions, only to escape the quagmire by making the ultimate sacrifice – the immolation of his heart and soul. 

I am sorry… my love delves into the unchartered waters of unhinged and inexplicable attraction. It presents a different facet of obsessive love to the reader – the kind where desire serves to heal, not hurt. This is not just a story of love, but of introspection, rehabilitation, atonement, and courage. It’s a story that will remind you of the veracity of relationships and the tenacity of love.

Prashant has started working on his fourth book, which he is planning to bring out at the start of next year.

Apart from being a bestselling author, Prashant Kaul is also a poet. In his leisure time, he loves to explore this talent and has written many poems. He is a Content Creator as well. He has a YouTube channel, “NayabLafz’ where one can find his poem recitations done in his own voice.

He has recently been awarded as the No. 1 Author in India under BU News Platforms. He lives in Chandigarh with his family.

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