Let’s know about Rahul Gehlot, Author of the National Bestselling Poetry Book “I love and Life”.

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Rahul Gehlot an Indian writer and poet launched his first book “I love and life” which straight away became a National Bestseller in the pre-orders. He was born on the 14th of July 1998 in Jaitaran Village of Pali (Dist) Rajasthan. Soon his family shifted to Hyderabad which led him to grow there.

Rahul is a Post Graduate Commerce student who loves to write, His Interest in writing started back in 2019 when he used to write captions for posts. Soon his friends appreciated his skills and gave him the idea to start writing Quotes and then Poetry.

His first achievement came as being a co-author of Anthony named “Wrapped up Feelings” from then he’s known for writing poetry to which everyone can connect. Since his first achievement till date, he has been co-authored in many anthologies and other writing works.

The book was to be launched on 28th of March 2021 as Paperback and Ebook but it couldn’t, Let’s hear it from Rahul Gehlot.

I didn’t want to be a writer from the beginning, Coming from a Middle-class family there’s always pressure on getting a degree and then a job but as I progressed my family supported me. I started my journey when I used to write captions for my friend’s social posts who then gave me the idea to start writing Quotes and then Poetry.

I remember, I started a page named hidden.quotes14 on Instagram, Then where I used to post daily quotes but I wanted to have my own identity so changed it to my name.

My work on poems on different topics was loved by many, A poem on middle class went viral from which I started getting offers from the compilers to be a part of their books as co-author. I was part of many anthologies but I always dreamt to have written my book. I started my poetry book and completed it by the end of December 2020. I Named it “I Love and Life”, It’s a collection of Poetry on different themes of Love and life. Then I started the publishing process and came into a contract with a Publisher. It was all going great, The book was to launch on March 28, 2021, as a Paperback and Ebook. It was listed on the platforms as well but was never delivered. It was a fraud publisher who took all the money and flew, It took almost a year to cope with that heartbreak. I’ve tried the legal way to get my money back which is still pending. Recently in February 2022, I thought to move on and publish my book “I Love and life” on Amazon Kindle as an Ebook. It was listed and it became a National Bestseller and ranked 15 in the Poetry category, I’m getting great responses on poems written in the book. Thanks to all my Readers, Friends, Family and all those who have been supporting me.

On asking about his future books and plans, He said

“I’m currently working on a novel and also planning for some live events”.

To read his e-book, click on the link below,

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