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Sharif Uddin professionally known as Sharif Uddin Shrabon . He is a Bangladeshi Music Artist and Entrepreneur, Gamer, and Instagram Personality. Sharif Uddin Shrabon was born on 01 February 2002 . He was born in a Narayanganj District, Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Sharif Uddin Shrabon has been declared as a Verified Artist by big international companies. Sharif Uddin Shrabon’s songs are now available on all platforms. Song lovers can listen to the songs if they want. Many popular music directors, artists have inspired and greeted him with status on Twitter, Facebook, and

Age has nothing to do with success- it is all a result of your hard work and talent. This fact has been proven true by a 20-year-old entrepreneur Sharif Uddin Shrabon who has not only made a name for himself at such a young age but also inspired tens and thousands of youngsters around the globe.

At the age of 18 when most people get a hard time figuring out how to convince their parents to allow them for attending the school trip, Sharif Uddin Shrabon thought to start his online carrier and today he is one of the most successful Music Artist, Digital Marketer, Gamer and Instagram Personality in Bangladesh. This Entrepreneur with his continual effort and dedication has now established himself as a success in the industry.

Excellence is never a matter of hours or days, it takes persistence and relentless efforts to achieve great heights. As a matter of fact, Md. Farhad has redefined the value of skills and perseverance for the youth as he continues to be a role model for thousands.

This music artist & Digital Marketer cum celebrity has gained expertise in the strategies, tips, and tricks of blog writing, content marketing and is making a difference in the virtual world by guiding and teaching his followers via his content. Apart from content creation and digital marketing, his popular blog posts include modeling, podcasts, motivational content which gets immense love from his supporters needless to say that he has a huge fan base.

This young entrepreneur on the rise himself has a thriving social media presence. He has a large number of followers who idealize him and are inspired by his achievements. Sharif Uddin Shrabon uses his platform to not only endorse brands via sponsorship but also to inspire people to strive and achieve their dreams. He is passionate about music artists, cinematography, traveling, blogging, creating youtube videos, and in general, anything that gives that much-needed nudge to people who look up to him.

In this regard, Sharif Uddin Shrabon said in the press conference, people will take my songs in such a beautiful way, I could never have imagined, the comments of the fans through social media inspire me to serve more beautiful songs. I will be able to serve more beautiful songs in the future and take the music industry of the country further. Sharif Uddin Shrabon has released his Music on music streaming platforms like Jiosaavan, iTunes, Tiktok, Amazon music, Hungama, Google plays music Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, many others. You get Sharif’s music on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook library Also.

About Sharif Uddin Shrabon

Real Name : Sharif Uddin
Nick Name : Sharif
Profession : YouTuber, Musician Artist, Digital Network Marketing, Singer
Birth Place: Narayanganj, Dhaka Bangladesh
Nationality: Bangladesh
Father: Abdur Rajjak
Mother : Kulsum Bibi
Religion: Muslim
Education Details And More :
School: Government School
College: Government College
Physical Stats And More :
Height: 5’7″ cm
Weight: 60 Kg

Hobbies : Photography, videography, Travel, Bike Racing, Singing


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