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Ansh is a multitalented artist known for his skill as a singer-songwriter, music producer, and composer. There can be a rollercoaster of joys and sorrows in life, but what really matters is how we deal with them and carry on with our lives, destined to carve a name for ourselves so that the world remembers us till posterity. This article especially sheds light on the life of Ansh.

His latest song, named, “Tera Hua,” crossed more than 10k views on YouTube within five days. The song is about a person’s feeling who does not want her ex to come back into his life, and at the same time, he feels that he cannot live without her and is always there to protect her (Tera Hua), knowing that she will never come back to him.

Produced, Written, Composed, and Sung by ANSH. Released by Believe Music (Behalf of MyKos Label). 

He might be only 20, but the producer, lyricist, singer, and composer has more or less figured out what he wants from life. From rising from the capital of India (Delhi) to making it to the world stage, Ansh has made a mark with his talent and courage. He has won the hearts of his audience through his sheer dedication to music. His music has helped his audience heal by letting their emotions flow and surround him with peace and serenity with the help of his music.

Ansh shares that he was an extremely mischievous and adventurous child. From his childhood, he always used to seek happiness from the ideal moments of life. He started off learning Tabla at the age of 7. He realized that he was pretty good at it and really liked music. He started going to various competitions and won many. His family has a vibrant and diversified tradition of music. He had a keen interest in various qualities that resonated with the aesthetics. It was the art that existed throughout his generation instilled in his veins that developed as an interest and shaped the artist that was in him. This passion urged him to go out there and create a mane for himself amongst the extraordinaire!

He has recently released a track, ‘Tera Hua,’ and the song is giving extraordinaire results. Everyone is grooving on their favourite platforms. Listen to Tera Hua on all platforms now!

But every path an artist chooses has preparations worth making. Ansh’s journey was also the same. Many people doubted him, but he was very sure about his decision. As someone who started making music at the age of 14, Ansh has worked hard to prove to his parents and himself that he has the talent to pursue music as a career. “My parents were always supportive to me, and they will be in the future also,” he says about his parents.

Today Ansh is the founder of Ansh studios and is one of the youngest playback singers in India. He is collaborating with and working with several artists, composing originals, but the motto stays the same, which is to win people’s hearts with his music. 

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