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Learn more about why Mike Sherrard is considered an expert in the Real Estate Industry:

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No industry in the market is unaware of the impact technological and digital advancement has established with time. The Real Estate Industry has also witnessed life-transforming technological upgrades. People are still adapting to this new norm. With the help of new and upgraded technology, the Real Estate Industry is growing significantly. These new upgrades define every aspect of real estate business ranging from construction, management, buying, selling to occupation. Mike Sherrard is a well-known name in this quickly evolving industry, who has managed to stay relevant even through several ups and downs.

Mike Sherrard is a real estate entrepreneur, social media enthusiast and content creator. He is an expert who has not only quickly adapted to this new environment but also makes a huge profit out of it. He also started the ‘Social Agent Academy’, which is a highly regarded training program on social media. It teaches and educates realtors and aspiring entrepreneurs, ways to build and grow their business with unique branding and content and digital marketing.

Sherrard is included in the best 30 social media realtors, leading in Calgary, Alberta. He has maintained his success for years and runs a YouTube channel with videos pertaining to Real Estate. Many people look up to him, both in their position as a customer and a seller, which is why he has obliged and shared some tips on this subject. As per him, pictures of the property or space is crucial because visual content is important for driving viewers to customers. Moreover, one should always include their contact info because communication is a priority.

Another way to build a connection with the audience is by sharing testimonials, feedback and positive outcomes of previous clients. This is because the most important thing for people in a digital space is ensuring trust. Conversion of viewers into clients is achieved with honesty, authenticity and integrity. This is what Sherrard has achieved through his YouTube channel. Sherrard is also all for maintaining client-seller transparency and considers it the most useful of his tactics. He says this allows for him to build a level of trust which wouldn’t be possible in any other way and as we all know; trust and transparency is the best foundation for any relationship.

To know more about Mike Sherrard or to be his next potential client, visit his social media handles to check out his latest content:






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