Learn, Hustle And Beat The Odds With Debargha Mukhuty—An Entrepreneur In The Making

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In today’s world, we see new businesses blooming every day. And with every new venture rises a new entrepreneur. But how many among them have the vision to build a better world? Or to help humankind? Today’s story is about a person who has failed many times, but still, the dream of helping out people and solving their regular problems in order to gift them a better tomorrow has kept him going. 

The journey so far:

Debargha Mukhuty’s only addiction was to start a new business from his college life. During his college days in Kolkata in 2014, Debargha noticed that many patients travel from Bangladesh and other states to Kolkata for health checkups. So he came up with ‘Care Noor.’

It provided butler services to travelling patients and kept medical records, journals, guidance through telephone calls, etc. Although it did not work out due to the lack of investment, Debargha looked at the positive side of it. He understood that there would be a lot of business ideas that look good on paper, but executing them and giving those solutions to real humans is a different ball game altogether. That realization made him come to Pune to understand the world of business and entrepreneurship. While doing his MBA, Debargha noticed that it’s very difficult for students and working professionals in Pune to get affordable housing solutions, so he started working on it.

He stopped the project and then worked on “Smackit,” a life automation application. Smackit started as an App integrator that helps people access multiple apps from one app. The unique features of Smackit demanded a powerful development team which wasn’t easy to find. That resulted in hiring the wrong people and losing a truckload amount of money which hit Debargha hard. 

Three startups and all fell flat on their faces. Most people would have stopped after that and accepted a life of a corporate employee in a reputed organization. But that wasn’t like Debargha.

While working on all of these startups, he upgraded his knowledge by learning all the skills that he could. One of those skills was digital marketing which included – search engine optimisation, Facebook ads, Google ads, developing websites, and various other things. That is what helped him to come up with a profitable venture finally. After all of these failures, he started freelancing, giving services to other businesses, and marketing their products.

When he learned the power of marketing and how reaching out to the right people at the right time could build or break a business, this was the cornerstone for all his future ventures. And that helped him to come up with Clever Mind Media Technologies Pvt.Ltd, a digital marketing and software development company

His life now:

Debargha started during the pandemic to provide digital marketing and software development solutions to businesses. Just like any other start-ups, it was a bumpy ride for him. Building the perfect team, getting the right kind of investors and partners, the hustle to get clients on board and retain them. 

Debargha also owns and operates a cloud kitchen delivering food across Kharadi, Pune. The cloud kitchen runs three brands from under one roof, Accio Meals “” is a brand the serves Homely food to students and professionals staying away from home, “Mymacros” is another brand serving Calorie counted meals to health enthusiasts, and “Biriyans house” which serves fast food including Biryani, Kebabs, and other delicious Indian dishes.

Debargha is also one of the few exploring the world of NFT’s with CMM NFT. “CMM NFT” is a platform for Indian artists who can portray their art, get recognized, and make money through their art at the same time.


  • He is one among the very few people in India who is trying his hands-on in metaverse projects.
  • He is successfully running 3 Food and Beverage Brands in Pune.  
  • He is running a Creative agency with over 20 employees. 
  • Building a software development company to provide cutting edge software solutions 

Why does he call himself “Still an entrepreneur in the making.”

He wanted to be an entrepreneur to solve the problems people face, to show the people around him a better world, and that’s not entirely done yet. There is a long way ahead of him, and that day he touches the lives of millions of Indians, that would be the day he believes that he can call himself a successful entrepreneur.


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