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Lahiru Jay of the new generation music artist of Sri Lanka

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Lahiru Jay is a young musician and Social Media Coordinator in Sri Lanka. He first started his career as a Social Media Coordinator at a young age and later released a few songs as a new generation musician and over time he slowly established himself as a popular musician and digital marketing industry. A few years later he started Lahiru Jay Producions, working for many veteran artists, brands and celebrities.

 Lahiru Jay was born on 21/10/1994. He resides in the Moneragala District of Sri Lanka. Educated at MO / Madulla National School, he entered the field of art in 2013 as an Advanced Level Lahiru Jay, a graphic designer by profession. By 2020, Lahiru Jay social networks will be gaining huge popularity for digital media management of the artists’ brands he has identified. He runs a company called Lahiru Jay Productions and provides a wide range of services including music production, video editing, remixing and audio writing and compilation, photography and photo editing, social media manager and strategist. Manages the social media accounts and pages of many artists. He is also the founder and owner of the popular cyber yakku private company affiliated with the most popular cyber yakku Facebook group for technical support.

In 2020, one of its companies, Lahiru Jay, launched production services that basically allow people or influencers to authenticate through various social media platforms. In addition to helping to authenticate on various social media platforms. His company also provides social media management, Google Knowledge Chart, PR coverage, brand promotion and much more.

Lahiru Jay uses the media platform as a source of income and is doing a fairly good job through sponsored brand and business promotions. Lahiru Jay proves that it is also very useful for him to market his own business, so he has worked with many big brands and business sharks under this domain.

This young and active personality not only uses his influence to attract and endorse brands, but also to some extent to motivate and encourage people who examine him as his role model. His skills and relentless desire to create content are reflected in the fact that there is no power strong enough to prevent you from reaching a higher level if you persevere with his efforts.

At the young age of 27, Lahiru Jay has achieved immense success and recognition with the determination to achieve a very high and sharp victory. Lahiru Jay, as a talented young man, is creating a world of possibilities for himself.

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