Keep Your Customers Satisfied and Coming Back For More With These Pro Tips From Ross Haley

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Customer experience is what it’s all about, right? Now, more than ever, customers are looking for a wholesome experience. Positive interaction with your business can help you keep customers happy. However, knowing how to take your customer service to the next level is challenging. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to enhance customer service.

Ross Haley is a serial entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. He is an early cannabis advocate and has built his career around providing top-notch products. With experience in the industry since his teenage years and 4 successful exits, Ross understands the importance of excellent customer service and its role in business success. Through his company, Truth Enterprises, Ross has established many brands like Puff Pre-roll, Simply Cannabis, and others. In his ventures, Ross strives to address the big question first. How do you effectively communicate with customers to establish a productive connection? Here are Ross Haley’s tips:

  • Personalize the experience for customers

Regardless of your product, you are first and foremost in the business of selling experience to customers. That is how they will be open to engaging with you. Therefore, make a point to remember small details about the customer. Engage with the customer outside of the sale you’re trying to make and humanize the experience. Ross highlights the importance of addressing customers by their name and introducing yourself to them.

Ross Haley also stresses the importance of unique customer experiences. Don’t recycle what everyone else does.

  • The goal is customer retention.

Most businesspeople forget that customer retention is more effective than attracting new customers. Ross says that making the final sale doesn’t mean that you disconnect from the customer; the goal should be to win them over so they come back again. Your customer service efforts should be geared towards retaining the customers you have just as much as you work to bring in new customers.

  • Define your customer service goals

Creating experiences and strategies without a clear goal will not get you very far. According to Ross Haley, SMART goals will provide a guide for your customer service team. These goals should define specifics of customer service and not vague aspirations. They should also be challenging and attainable. Finally, you need to know how to measure these goals and assign timeframes to observe your progress.

  • Educate yourself and your service team

Consumer behaviors change often, and you need to be up to date on what consumers want. Ross explains that businesses often lose customers because they get left in the past. Learn as much as possible about customers for beneficial interactions.

  • Build a driven service team

Even with the best customer service strategy in place, your service team can make or break your efforts. Ross states that you need to identify the right people to help you achieve the goals you have set. Your service team is your first line of contact with customers; ensure they are committed to the highest service and support standards.

Successful customer service and support start with your team, strategies, and understanding of the customer. With Ross Haley’s tips, you can up your customer service game!


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