Kavitha’s Jackal is out in the ground.

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Kavitha, a director from South India, came up with her first debut movie, “Jackal.” She is the daughter of the legend director T.N.Balu who is known for a few hits in the late 1900s like “Sankarlal” and “Sattam En Kaiyil,” which boosted his career. He is also seen as a legendary example for rising artists. She is working as an associate director for Praveen Gandhi. 

” The story deals with the ups and downs of the characters who question the state and the bureaucrats who try to cover up the CCTV footage evidence and insists the need for it to be accessible to the public,” Kavitha exclaimed the thriller storyline. It is quite engaging and full of hidden surprises. It will be released in the Tamil language. Later It might also be released in the Hindi language.

Kavitha said,” I am highly influenced by my legend father and extremely excited about my first debut.”He always inspired me. This movie will be released under “Valarmathi Productions.” Ram and Raj are the lead producers. 

The cinematographer for this movie is N.S. Raajesh Kumar is an Indian also known as Raajeshkumar. N.S. Raajesh Kumar is known for his famous work ” Arali.”

Editor credits to LINU.M. Editor Linu.M. Are working in Kollywood predominantly in Tamil language movies. His editing skills can be seen in the movie “Uriyadi 2.” His extraordinary skills polished the movie. 

Kavitha herself is the writer of the script of this movie. The dialogues for the “Jackal” movie are given by ‘Raasi Thangadhurai.’ Hailing from South India, he has worked in Kollywood, mainly in Tamil film Industry.

 The music director behind the movie is Maris Vijay. He is one of the honoured music directors who is also recognised internationally. Recently, he got an award for his French work “Dans La Maison Du Captaine” which was a collaboration of two cultures. He also got the Nation Icon award for his fantastic work. His other hit works are “Villavan,” ” Jai Ho Kalam,” ” Vingyani,” and “Future is dark,” “Somewhere I Lost You” in Bollywood. Director says this movie is another upcoming musical project along with the director Kavitha.

Mohan Rajan is the lyricist. He has also worked with Maris Vijay and many other directors. He has given lyrics to hit movies like “Kodiyal Oruvam,” “Dear Comrade,” and many more songs like ” Aao Ji Aao.” His latest song was “Nee Illali Nee Illali”. It always benefits to work with talented artists. 

The art director who worked on this masterpiece is S.J. Ram, known for his dedication. It is said that he always meets expectations in advance. He is also working as an Independent art director for movies “Kurkha” and “Dead End.” Another starring crew has Ajit Vignesh, Sri Priyanka, George Marian.

The poster is already giving the audience idea about the movie. They will get an unexpected thriller climax. The publicity designer is Narenthan Vihas. M.S. Anand is the production manager.

Kavitha says any representation needs whole efforts from scratch. “It becomes only a masterpiece when the entire team works as an individual. That quality makes the content more productive and rich in quality. The release date of the “Jackal” movie will be released soon. I want to thank all the people who worked along.”  Director Kavitha concluded that it was a completely new journey with almost a whole new crew. But it taught all of us a lot. It was very delightful to work with the music director. She applauded the work of producers Ram and Raj as they played an outstanding role in the execution of the script. “I must say that the cinematographer, editor, and lyricist are all very talented,” she said.


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