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Kangna Sidhu Podcast Speaker.

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Hello everyone hope you all are doing fine, myself Kangana Sidhu. I am an entrepreneur, and also I have got an achievement that mentions me as one of the best youth icons. Entrepreneurship is buzzing in India, with startups springing up by the day to capture the new business opportunities. Women are beginning to make their presence felt. Though small in number, their role is only expected to get bigger in the coming days. 

Women as entrepreneurs are equally excited about their journey in the startup world and are resonating well with their target markets. Working as an entrepreneur, I have achieved many golden opportunities. I have worked with my full heart, and I have given 100% in every task, whether small or big. I believe that it is good to give your best and also never judge a book by its cover, who knows when you get golden opportunities. I have been part of many singing and cooking competitions, and also, by my whole heart, I have completed them and have won them. I also have achieved many awards for my loyalty and hard work towards my work. Sone of the awards that I received are the Women’s Achiever Award and Rajiv Gandhi Business Excellence Award.

Let me introduce you to my business. I run an online business magazine which is one of the most successful magazines running online. Our magazine mentions the stories and work journey of successful and hard-working ladies who have achieved their milestones. Women are the part of the society which is considered as left behind. To remove that thinking from society and to prove that women are equal in society, my wish is that our women entrepreneurs will lead the way and show how Flexible Work Arrangements can become pervasive in the workplace to unleash the full potential of many of our women in the workplace while allowing them to meet their family care obligations. By extension, catalyse a more pervasive flexible work culture based on delivering work outcomes rather than mere clocking of hours in the office, regardless of the gender of your employees.

I have also chosen a new path through which I will spread the stories of strong women entrepreneurs amongst the world. I have started conducting podcasts of women entrepreneurs, which are released on Spotify, YouTube and many more popular platforms. No matter your business is on a larger scale or on a shorter scale, you have started it because you saw some potential in it. Our aim of conducting podcasts is to spread your story amongst the world along with your struggle and success. 

“Always remember never get demotivated because of someone, always keep going and with your hard work prove them wrong. As one says,” Hard Work always pays off”. “No, we have plans to go for offline interviews and all city events for entrepreneurs. I wish that the people who are not getting the platform everywhere should come in front of society. Hope for the best.



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