Kamal Aggarwal – Guides and helps parents tweak their parenting style to the unique needs and requirements of the child and does not follow the usual ‘one shoe fits all strategy’.

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“The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult.”

~ Ewan Mcgregor

Parents are the first teachers, they say. Kamal Agarwal is a parenting coach who helps parents tweak their parenting style to the unique needs and requirements of the child and does not follow a ‘one shoe fits all’ strategy. This way, they are able to create a long-lasting bond of trust and confidence with their child. She launched MARKS with the aim to provide a “customized-to-your-family” approach to parenting by understanding your child’s unique requirements and behaviors and identifying what to do to help them be the best version of themselves. 

Why settle for an outdated, archaic approach to parenting in a world that chooses tailor-made solutions for anything and everything. Through her own unique programme, Bespoke Parenting, she trains, mentors, and guides parents, sharing nuances and tips that help them do the right things at the right time for the child and know what they actually want. Kamal says, “Knowing your child is important so that you do the right thing for them subsequently bringing the best out of them. Parents deserve an integrated parenting philosophy – not a one-size- fits all dogma.”

Indeed, a woman with many feathers in her hat, before Kamal began her Parenting Coach journey, she was a Behavioural trainer and senior manager for Fortune 500 companies. Kamal has a masters in Human Resource Management and subsequently gained further certification as an ISTD-certified trainer. She has worked extensively in the field of Social and Emotional skills, adding up to a rich total of 20 years of experience. She has also been felicitated with the “Inspiring Women Award.” She derives all the skills necessary from her degree, and with a dash of her own touch to it, she imparts the wisdom that she has gained over the years to help parents who are willing to go the extra mile for their children to bring more smiles!

When she found herself in the throes of parenting her two kids – complete with all of the yelling and temper tantrums you can imagine – Kamal decided there MUST be a better way!

Her humble but desperate realization ignited a lifelong fire to solve these struggles in her home once and for all. After years of researching Adlerian Psychology and Positive Discipline Strategies, Kamal first put the knowledge into practice with her own family on her home turf. 

Astounded by the transformation, she experienced with her two kids. Kamal knew she had to share these methods with other parents too. She never wanted another parent to feel as hopeless and desperate as she did in those early years or teens or while choosing the right career path for her elder son, which is why she decided to foray into being a Parenting Coach and Career Counsellor.

As a parent of a 20yr old and a 13yr old, she feels although the first priority is self-reliance for the children, the second priority as a Coach is almost equally as important to me. She says, “I want my children to reach their full potential.” Think about that! What would it feel like to know you helped your child become their best and most profitable self? What kind of joy might be realized for your family if your child experienced all their talents at the highest levels and developed new talents they never knew they were capable of?

As of date, she has already helped over 3,000 parents make a positive change through parenting aligned to the needs of the child. Kamal’s experience as a Social and Emotional Skills trainer, paired with her being a Child Development graduate and in-depth parenting research, makes her a trusted voice and a sounding board in parenting circles. 

Our most valuable and prized possession, kids, don’t come with a user manual. We keep trying to figure out our entire life, but what if Kamal Aggarwal could help you unlock and tap into your child’s own unique ‘Decoder’ for life.  

For a better understanding of your child and improvement in self-confidence, turn to her. What are you waiting for?

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