Juan Zurita known is a Fast-Rising Star in the hip hop music world 

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It’s rare that you come across an artist in music like Juan Zurita. The self-made artist has created a big fanbase of his most recent work in the music industry. After establishing himself through songs like “Play For Keeps’” and “Kings,” it’s easy to see that Juan Zurita future is looking very bright in the music industry

Juan Zurita has been breaking barriers in the hip hop world. Juan Zurita has collaborated with Wolftyla, Duchi, Clifton and many more.

Juan Zurita plans to collaborate and release more hits in the future with artists and music labels. One of Juan’s goals is to see his music in the billboards or make it to a top news site. 

Juan has gained so much support in his creativity from artists like wolftyla, Clifton, and music labels. It is very clear that Juan Zurita’s future is going far from beyond.

Some of the most recent music art Juan has released, has been with Wolftyla “Play For Keeps” and with Cliftun. If anyones wants to check new hits and collabs Juan has released, there is no doubt Juan is going places. 

Juan plans to build more relationships and release more music art to grow as an artist and break barriers. This is a long term goal that I plan to take on.

Juan’s inspiration is one day collaborating with his favorite artist “Drake”. Juan has a few connections on Instagram that are connected with Drake. He hopes his work is noticed and is recognised by Drake. This would super crazy, Juan Mentions 

In our recent interview with the wonderful Juan Zurita, we chatted with the artist about growing up, showing us his path in the music industry and career, as well as his most recent single. Which you can check out on his social media pages.




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