Journey of Artist Mekha Pradeep

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Mekha Pradeep is a “GrandMaster” World Record Holder who recognised for her work dealing with Multi-color.Her work creates huge publicity in social media.Mekha’s art work is the mix up of both passion and her love for artistic works that has helped see tremendous amount of success in a short span of time.

About mekha is not able to describe in a single word as she sets multiple records for floral art in national as well as the international level.On Feb 13th 2021,her title put under the category of “GRANDMASTER” in Asia Book Of Records.

Life History of Mekha Pradeep

Mekha Pradeep was born to Manju Pradeep and Pradeep Gopalakrishnan in the aesthetic place of Ayroor Kathakali Gramam,Pathanamthitta Kerala.She grew up along with her sister Pavana Pradeep.Out of this,Mekha is the earliest daughter of her parents.The inborn talent of an artist started showing at a very tender age.Recognising the innate aptitude of their child,mekha’s parents supported her to showcase her talents in front of others.

Mekha Pradeep is “The Young Leading Multi-color Artist Of India” who set multiple records for Floral Art in India Books Of Records.Her works also set as the title of “GRANDMASTER” Asia Books Of Records in 2021.She was known for setting records in National and International Level and also the founder of “June”(Instagram Page).It was commonly known as June by mekha in social medias.More often than not,Mekha’s paintings and Artworks highlighted the beauty of creativity and style.Rather than this facts,she is an executive Art faculty of June’s Art Classes and India Diva’s Award Winner.Over thousands of childrens and adults go in hand with mekha in every month.Although,due to her specialities,peoples simply call her as “June”.

Mekha Pradeep started her career at a very young age and soon enjoyed widespread recognition of her works.Through her journey,she faced many sour and bitter experience to get in to the today’s achievements.Rather that this,there was an important and funny facts that she didnt went any classes for learning the basics of art.Its an inborn talent.Mekha wish to continue her artist life along with her studies.She founded many social media pages in order to raise her creativity.Now,mekha pradeep has vast number of customer’s world wide.


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