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“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow”, here we are talking about fitness king Rajesh PT, who is a professional trainer, He owns a gym called PTZONE in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, and has an experience of over 23 years. He says that fitness and health must be our top priority, it’s our responsibility to maintain our health. We face many problems due to health but somehow we don’t get the perfect guidance that how we should do and here we have Rajesh PT, who is helping many people not only maintain their body but also their health.

Rajesh PT

Rajesh PT is a trainer who is guiding many people through his fitness and diet knowledge, not only offline but also virtually. He started training when he was 13 years old, when asked about his inspiration he mentioned his father’s name, he said that his father is his biggest inspiration to start working on fitness and bodybuilding. 

He is helping people all over the world, His main concern is to tell people how important their health and lifestyle are. When it comes to health Rajesh PT is someone who will always lead you in the right direction, helping them virtually is a big challenge but the way he does is appreciable.

Online and Offline Training

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”, if you want your health and body to work properly you need to be true to yourself whether you are taking your training online or offline. Rajesh PT is training people with his powerful energy and knowledge as well, He trains 400 people online every month across the globe. He makes sure that people whom he is guiding, eat healthy food with more fats and fewer carbohydrates. 

He takes care of their body, like his own body. Be it offline training or online training he makes sure that his clients work hard with great enthusiasm.

His Achievements

He believes that “self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”. He won a gold medal in a state-level Body Building contest. And he has trained more than 12,000+ people online and 50,000+ people offline and that’s incredible. One of the best things he said is that “I not only focus on the fat loss of my clients but also improvement in their health.”

Not only this he has also reversed health conditions like PCOD/PCOS, Thyroid, Type 2 diabetes and much more. He has more than 300k followers on Instagram and 9.74k subscribers on YouTube and that’s amazing. He is training many people through social media platforms, also he is helping them by making videos on health topics like “PCOD/PCOS, Fat Loss” and many more. “Healthy Body is equal to Healthy Lifestyle” 

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