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Its Me Pradhumn Firest Ep Sawal

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The climb of Indian rapper its me Pradhumn aka Pradhumn Sharma is no ordinary chronicle. From debuting his own album with various artists in multi-based productions to launching his own label and entertainment group its me Pradhumn Entertainment to being the first Indian rapper to feature on Spotify frame, the rapper is still a musical league. I have the impression of Hip-Hop in the cultural consciousness of India!

The music superstar is adding another history-making feat to his roster as its me Pradhumn debut album, ‘Devil Wali Feel’ has been certified on multiple news papers and websites, while the reggaeton single ‘Fake Love’ from the same album 30 times it has happened. International collab till March 2021.

Released in 2020, the album introduces the world to the world of hip-hop pioneering the ever-evolving hip-hop movement of India. Touted as one of the most awaited releases of 2020, Devil Wali Feel – the track critically acclaimed album released on its me Pradhumn in partnership with various artists; Good leaders and journalists of the field who got the teaser launched. This launch song was mentioned in many news papers of the region and also on the Verify news channel website.

In honor of his ever-evolving artistry, his family members also encouraged him.

its me Pradhumn says, “Devil Wali Feel has been one of my most personal projects till date as it gave me an opportunity to express myself authentically and narrate my story to the world. It feels really special to be recognized and appreciated for something that holds so much meaning and value to me. Onwards and upwards, world domination is the goal!”

Area leaders and journalists and family members and his fans appreciated him a lot by calling this song the next level hip hop artist. it’s me pradhumn is the first hip-hop artist in the region


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