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Interviewing John Giftah – The Young Inspirational Voice from India.

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As the world is grappling with the corona pandemic, few people took it upon themselves to do their part to make the world a better place, and John Giftah is definitely one of them. People who are hurting and battling so much pain, carrying mental and emotional baggage, sure love a dose of inspiration, motivation, and positivity, and John Giftah offers just that. The 28-year old Aerospace engineer who is also a Bestselling Author, Top-ranking podcaster, Life coach and Founder of ‘John Giftah International’ has been an inspirational voice to multitudes through his live and virtual sessions, podcasts and books and various other avenues. 

His recent book, “Unveil Your Purpose”, became a #1 New Release on Amazon and his DAILY podcast, “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah” primarily ranks as the #1 Christian Podcast in India. It trends across the globe on several platforms. He has recently started a second podcast named “The Inspiration Hub”, which is a hub for inspiration, motivation and personal development.

John, it’s a pleasure interviewing you today. It’s wonderful to see the impact you are making at this young age in inspiring so many people worldwide. Can you share with us how your journey began and led you to where you are today?

“For sure! I started out by sending daily inspirational texts and podcasts in 2012 while I was still doing my engineering program. That connected me with different opportunities to address crowds of thousands and speak on the television. My recent opportunity is to host a weekly show on a USA-based Radio. It has been like a domino effect where one chance led to the other, and here I am today!”

That’s wonderful! You started your journey when you were young, and you are already tasting the fruit of it. What would be your word of advice to the younger generation? 

“I would always encourage them to be productive in life. Don’t waste your time, energy, potential and creativity when you are young! So many of them are hooked to gadgets or games, movies, or social media. It’s okay to enjoy yourselves with some good entertainment, but in that process, don’t neglect the aspect of doing something productive with your life. Use your time wisely – sharpen your skills, work on your talents, equip yourselves, try out new things and work towards your divine dreams and goals.”

What would you say to someone who went through a tragic loss through this pandemic? Can you offer some hope to them?

“I always remember this old quote, ‘Tragedy can either make you or break you!’ It’s been a difficult ride for most people, with the pandemic accelerating the loss of life, jobs, etc. It has had a toll on the mental, emotional and overall wellbeing of almost everyone. I am not soft paddling the hurts or downplaying the pain, but I would say, ‘Don’t give up and write-off your life’. If you would be bold enough to rise up, brush off the hurt and start afresh on a clean new slide, I am sure that the rest of your life can be the best of your life!”

What is that one mistake you have seen people make with respect to their dreams and aspirations? 

Well, I have seen a lot of people go around singing, “One day, I will reach this level; One day, I will achieve this; One day, I will walk in my dreams”, and so on. But, they fail to take any action on it now. That’s why I always say, “What you do “today” will determine what you will do “one day”! So, I challenge you to take the steps towards your dreams, work on them consistently on a regular basis if you want to see them become a reality in your life.

Where can someone find your content?

They can find my books on Amazon and both my podcasts are available on almost all the podcast platforms, including the major ones like Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Castbox.

They can also check out regular content on my YouTube channel and Instagram account. They can also connect at or get more details at Website:


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