Interview with Vandana Engineer, Author of “Love Never Fails” published by “InkQuills Publishing House”

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  • When did you discover your love for writing?

I like this question. Right from my childhood, I always had a knack for reading. After developing a keen habit of observing my surroundings and analysing behaviour patterns of people, I was often compelled to find out the factors that shaped their personalities, how strong of a character they have and what power they exercise while making decisions. This was an intrinsic hobby, which later turned out to be my way of living life.

  • What drives you to write or who inspires you?

This is pretty cliche but no ardent writer can miss out on this piece of art. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen wasn’t my first pick, but it’s been the most remarkable choice for me so far. I also loved Mills & Boons. And trust me, I was never satisfied with one ending that they were providing. My mind spun different stories with totally contrasting endings. At times, it ended up with me laughing in a corner about the twists I made up in my head and how far I made them go.

  • Which genre do you prefer to write about?

For me, my staple genre is specifically romance. I can keep raving about this for the whole day. The much younger generation these days begs to differ and they often pick thriller & suspense over this. But I would like to emphasize that no one can escape love. No one likes to. They need to develop their perspective on love and incorporate positive changes in their relationships to achieve harmony.

  • How long does it take you to write the book “Love Never Fails”?

It took me a month to write down the exact plot. As far as the twists & turns go, I proceeded with subtle writing devices & put my witty instincts into use. This took me another three months of brainstorming and finally having peace with what I created. My only agenda was to make the readers connect emotionally and not leave the book halfway, like most of them do with good books.

  • Tell us more about “Love Never Fails”?

It’s a pure love story wherein the kids of two businessmen fall in love and wait to get married at the right time. Then the story begins to take vicious turns that puts their relationship in jeopardy. The book is all about that couple fighting intrinsic as well as outside elements that strive to separate them from each other, but they somehow get through every oddity in their way & unite for the rest of their lives.

  • What are your thoughts on ‘Storytelling is an art’?

Storytelling is a Narrative Art where you should either be talented right from the start or have a sound knowledge of the fluency that it takes for a storyteller to be impactful. With deep-rooted creativity, vision, skill & patience, one can master this art no matter how unsettling the work seems to them in the beginning.

  • Do you like reading? If yes, please tell us about your favourite authors and books?

Yes, of course! Like I mentioned earlier, I love to read marvels like Mills and Boons, and fiction like Sydney Sheldon and Nora Roberts. Along with these, I like most of the novels penned by Jane Austen.

  • Do you have any messages for your readers?                                                                                                                                

Reading not only gives you knowledge but it also helps you to connect with yourself. You begin to understand yourself better and you are at peace with who you are. You get more inclined towards empathy and you try to relate to people rather than judging them from afar.

  • What’s your message to budding/ aspiring writers?                                                                                                                                                     

For all the aspiring writers out there -let me tell you. It is not just penning down your thoughts on paper. It means observing people, observing reactions, understanding emotions, flowing in empathy and exploring thoughts and ideas. You need to emphasize more on character building more than criticizing a certain personality that you are about to include in your writing. If anything is unsettling about writing, dig it out. Know what’s pestering you. Eliminate the fear of being judged by the world for your work. Look at the world as a huge canvas, and paint a picture that any layman can see with clarity.

  • Lastly, how was your experience working with InkQuills Publishing House?

It was a great journey and I particularly liked the readily available assistance I was provided in my writing process. Everyone in the team was patient & incorporated all the little changes in the process that I implied. All these elements helped me achieve my goal as per my requirement. Also, loved the cover page!

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