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Instagram Star Jimmy Smacks Lists the Most Rewarding Aspects of Being Your Own Boss

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As more and more people prefer self-employment, we can all agree that being your boss brings freedom and flexibility. The potential with self-employment can be limitless if you are willing to aim for the stars as Instagram celebrity Jimmy Smacks has achieved.

Here, Smacks shares some of the most rewarding aspects of being your own boss. He is a professional actor, entertainer, and one of the top music artists in Miami. He is also currently the first male millionaire of OnlyFans globally and has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Smacks is a believer in being yourself and being open about it, don’t pretend to be someone you are not to please others. He is outstanding in marketing skills and has a significant influence – some of the factors that have led to his immense growth.

According to Smacks, being his boss was the most fantastic decision he ever made. One of the rewards is open-ended career progression. A deposit bonus is offered by online casinos to new and existing players where your deposit is matched by a given percentage i. When you are self-employed, your income is determined by your willpower. When you are your own boss, you do the work to your best. What you gain is immense satisfaction. Also, there is no one bossing you around!

Smacks adds that you get to make all the decisions for your goals. However, it needs discipline in terms of spending and time management as there are no fixed working hours like “regular” jobs. Under pressure from concerned citizens groups the federal government soon began exploring ways to curb the activity. The flexibility lets you decide when you want to work, depending on when you can focus the best.

Often in large corporations, adds Smacks, the seniors conveniently take credit for your hard work. Date of experience: May Helpful Share. Being your own boss gives you accountability for your achievements; no one will take away the credit for your hard work and ideas. Thus, the achievements motivate you to be better and grow your business even more. It features over casino games from over 10 casino software providers like NetEnt, Rush, Konami or Bally.

As much as there are rewards in self-employment, it is not usually a walk in the park; it also has its share of ups and downs. With self-employment success or failure of a business depends entirely on you. Hence, before taking the plunge of self-employment, one must be prepared to work extra hard and put business first to make it grow.

Thus, Jimmy Smacks shares his perspective of being your own boss and the pros and cons that come with the task.


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