Indie Pop Artist Ruhfikra Shares His Secret Formula For Making Youtube Covers.

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Are you looking to get discovered, collaborate with other artists, or simply express your artistic talent on the internet? Yes, you can make it big as a YouTube cover star!

But, before you grab your microphone and camera to start your own YouTube cover music channel, Ruhfikra aka Rohit Sharma, a Punjab-born Indie-Pop artist, discusses his expertise and the best strategy for recording cover songs for YouTube.

If you’re going to do cover songs, pick a song that highlights your strengths as a musician and has a significant amount of search traffic.On this account, Ruhfikra recommends new artists to choose the right song, then add your own unique touch.

According to him, this may sound obvious, but a bad song or a lack of uniqueness can deter people from returning to your YouTube channel. If, on the other hand, all of today’s most popular YouTube sensations have covered a song you enjoy, make sure your addition contributes to the “dialogue.” Do you have a truly original perspective? Take a chance! If not, look for a song that still has an opportunity for a unique rendition.

Continuing further, he adds,“Keep in mind – making cover songs isn’t karaoke. I started my music carriers with cover songs only. You’ll need to go above and beyond a flawless recreation of the original recording. In fact, the best covers give an old song a fresh lease on life, allowing the listener to enjoy the original in a whole new way.”

On asking what are some tricks of the trade in terms of cover song originality? The most popular method, he says, is to “unplug” the original, making an acoustic version that slows down the original while removing all instrumentation, leaving only your voice and your instrument.

“Remember, if fans wanted to hear the original, they’d rather search it. As a result, your version must provide a novel perspective while also adding value and showcasing your talents.” Ruhfikra concludes.

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