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When it comes to making your backyard more kid-friendly and fun, there is no better way than to install an In-Ground trampoline. This is something that everyone – kids and adults can enjoy. The feeling of grooving with air while on a trampoline can stimulate the feeling of thrill in everyone. So, if you are planning to make your backyard more fun, you must try these. Another good thing about these trampolines is that they are very quick to install. – A New Age Trampoline Solution.

At, we provide excellent in-ground trampoline kirs for those who are interested in getting them. While we are dealing in providing the best quality In-ground trampoline kits, we also have a team of experts who will support you in installing these trampolines. So, go get your in-ground trampoline kit now.

A guide to installing the in-ground trampoline

Step 1 – Set up the frame & mark the area where your want to dig

Once you get your in-ground trampoline kit from, you must start with the installation process. The very first thing to do is to assemble the frame. Remember that you don’t have to assemble it completely, but just enough to get the markings of the area you have to dig. Once you have taken the markings of the area you have to dig, leave the frame as such.

Step 2 – Dig a hole

The next step is to dig. You should start digging the hole. The depth of the hole will be mentioned in the manual. For this step, you will need a measuring device to make sure that the depth is correct. Also, make sure that you measure all the sides at multiple points every few feet. Remember that the sides of the hole do not have to go straight down.

Step 3 – Finish the frame & place it inside the hole

The third step is to complete the assembly of the frame you put aside. For this, you will need to attach the retaining walls using the screwdriver. So, line the frame and retaining walls carefully to screw them together. Once you are done this, you then have to place the frame inside the hole you dug. If you have followed all the .instructions in the manual for digging, the frame should fit perfectly in the hole, else, you will have to make the adjustments.

Step 4 – Attach the springs

After fitting the frame in the hole, you have to attach the springs. For a rectangle trampoline, you will have to start from the corners whereas, for round, you will have to start from the center to make sure that tension is evenly distributed.

Step 5 – Attach the pads

Finally, once you are done attaching springs, you will have to assemble & attach the pads. It is best to get all the toggles onto the pad with the round ball farming inside the pad. Only after they are attached, you should flip the pad over to the trampoline and start looking at the toggles on the frame. The best thing about trampoline kits is that it comes with a clear instruction manual with illustrations to make it easier for one to understand.


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