In conversation with Author Sheetal Panwar Verma on Mother’s Day special.

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Motherhood is the best part of my life. I always feel proud to have two daughters. Although mothership is a challenging journey with many ups and downs, l think for a mother, nothing is more lovable than her kids. A mother makes many sacrifices for her child throughout her life. 

From the moment when a baby starts growing in her womb, she faces various difficulties like Dizziness, fever, countless medicines, irritability in nature, insomnia, mood swings, nausea, fatigue etc., but she forgets all her troubles at the moment when her child opens his/her eyes to see this world in her lap. It is true that the role of a mother is commendable in the upbringing and uplifting of a child, but we cannot ignore a father’s contribution. Both, Mother and father are the two strong pillars of a child’s life.

‘If a mother is the earth, then a father is the sky.’

Therefore, I request all the children to love and respect their parents. Never yell at your parents. Your parents make many efforts throughout their life to give you constant happiness. If you insult, disrespect, or hurt your parents, then you insult God as well. If you insult God, then all your worship and devotion will go in vain.

On this occasion of Mother’s Day, I heartily congratulate every mother. I hope this mother’s day brings lots of happiness to you all. Here I am sharing some lines. I wish every mother would feel herself connected with these lines.

Poem: I fell in love again.

The day when I felt you inside my womb, I fell in love again.

The restless nights, morning sickness, and exhausting days were difficult to pass. But they all vanished at the moment when you kicked my tummy like you said you were ready to play with mommy. Soon that lovely day arrived when you were born and opened your eyes to see this beautiful world. I fell in love again…

I still remembered your tiny fingers when I held your hand to promise you to colour your life with different shades of happiness. 

The day when I felt you inside my womb, I fell in love again….

Let’s know little more about the author 

Sheetal Panwar Verma was born in Haryana and brought up in Delhi. She has done her education from Delhi and Uttarakhand. She has worked with many reputed schools. She likes to spend her time with her daughters. She loves reading and writing short stories, especially children, women, and nature/ environment (trees/river, etc.). Apart from this, she likes to perform yoga, and dance. She loves to write and recite poems. 

She started writing in 2015, but her first book ‘The Television’ published in 2019, which is a short story about a mountain boy Vibhu and his poor father, Ramanand. Ramanand used to work in the field of

Professor Sinha. Vibhu and his father lived in a remote village on a high mountain. Vibhu wanted to go to school, but due to the unavailability of any school in his village, he couldn’t go to school. For Vibhu and other villagers, life only meant working on farms and taking care of their animals. Despite being poor, Ramanand taught his son the importance of truth and honesty in life. Because of his quality of always speaking the truth, Professor Sinha and his wife rewarded him.

Another book, Delivery Boy, published in September 2019, is a collection of 10 Hindi short moral stories for children. Stories in the book are completely fictional. The book and its characters are completely the author’s imagination.

Her upcoming title, Gehna is again a collection of eight short Hindi stories. This book contains stories related to the lives of women. Author has tried to express deep and heart-touching stories in simple Hindi language. These Stories will keep you hooked from beginning till the end with eight different experiences. You can Buy Gehna from Amazon, Flipkart, or kindle for just 199 only

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