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Imperfections – by Shabbir Mirza

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Shabbir Mirza, a freelance model and actor from Kolkata, India, loves to share his thoughts and stories because he firmly believes that stories change people perceptions about life, the art of living.

The following article is His thoughts on Imperfections in Humans.

Perfection sounds really good – Perfection suggests a state of flawlessness without any Defects.

– but the truth is to err is to human, and we are not entirely perfect, i .e. perfect in all aspects of life – there are some deficiencies in each one of us, and this can vary quantum wise from person to person  

We are part of nature, and the Natural state of life happens to be imperfect. There is someone who is completely perfect – The Almighty.

Similarly, I’m not completely perfect. I have my weaknesses and strengths. I am working on my weakness. 

But this materialistic society finds it difficult to accept one’s weakness along with his / her strength.

In fact, we entertain ourselves by making fun of one’s weakness, but we often forget that we too have some weakness that might be more distinctive from the one we feel to be a sumptuous food for our fun and entertainment.

Therefore here comes the desire to be perfect in order to escape from that criticism. This desire to be perfect burdens many people and ironically dooms them to unhappiness. We forget we are all humans. No one in this world is perfect in the true sense. We do make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, and there is a term called ‘ Human Error ‘

We should be given a second chance to rectify since we often learn from our mistakes, and we should not be judged by our one mistake. But if we repeat the same mistake, that is not acceptable for sure and wise people try not to repeat the same thing.

Some of us are born with some inherent disabilities, for example, physically or mentally challenged people, people with gender issues ( like Eunuchs). They have no fault for the way they are – but very few of us try to understand the struggle of their life. People are happy criticising them, making fun of them.

My personal take on this is making fun of someone’s shortcomings for the purpose of sheer entertainment and hurting others’ sentiments is barbarous.

My sensitive skin has been one of my weaknesses right from my childhood which called for a lot of criticism from my peers.

People who make fun of others’ weaknesses often forget their drawbacks, which may not be in the same aspects but some different spheres of their lives.

Everyone has an opinion, which can be either positive & negative.

In my life, I have come across many negative people – for example, if I have 9 Strengths and one weakness, the negative people find heavenly happiness discussing the one weakness of my character.

On the contrary, I have come across some positive people too. They will be more than happy to appreciate my strength and motivate me.

What people opine or how they think about others reflects their educational standards and moral knowledge.

People with more moral values will never criticise people for their shortcomings. They truly understand the meaning of Being human, and most importantly, they won’t find comfortable hurting others.

I firmly believe one of the best creations of God is Mankind, and disrespecting God’s creation is disrespecting God indirectly.

If we look around us, we shall see everything. Whether living or dead, whether tangible or not, is involved in supporting each other in their ways like Sun provides us with the light which helps in photosynthesis as a result of which we get fruits. Sun is also the source of vitamin D to us.

Like if we looked at water cycle – Food chain etc.

All involved in the cycle of life support each other and, in turn, safeguard God’s creation. 

Therefore – The true meaning of better living is to help or support each other. I believe life is more than finding faults in others, making fun of them. Be a reason for someone’s smile. In case even if one cannot be a reason for someone’s smile, try not to be a reason for someone’s tears.

Before being judgemental about anyone, it’s more important to understand someone and analyse the reason for his/ her shortcomings. Remember, darkness gives way to light—the sun rises after a dark night.

It is very easy to be hate or dislike someone but difficult to love someone, and it’s up to us to decide if we want to be the guiding star to others’ happiness.


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