Image Consultant Mena Garcia: There is No “One Recipe Fits All”

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Born of and on the same Earth, we human beings are as diverse as they come. Our differences are challenged only by our number, yet, it remains an interesting fact that underneath it all, there are principles that govern us and determine our fate in imperceptibly similar ways. Being imperceptible, the infinity that lies beneath the surface is often overlooked for the differences that have so come to define us and divide us as a species. And Mena Garcia is all about the differences. In her profession as an ace image consultant, she has learned that no one recipe fits all.

As individuals, we are all driven by social, spatial, and ontological urges that differ from society to society. This versatile big picture has helped humanity express itself in myriad ways, all equally sublime and all capable of error. For Mena, image is all about knowing your essential self and finding within you “the ways to keep the essential self authentic and running.” Talking about why there’s no one answer to questions of image, Mena says, “Image is so transient. We tend to change on a day-to-day level, whether emotionally, physically, and mentally. As we change, we must remember that so do others. Therefore, even when requirements may have a similar echo, often the fulfillment of those requirements differs considerably.”

Talking about the pros and cons of this one-size-fits-all philosophy, Mena is relieved that things aren’t as simple as how some would like them to be. She says, “Life would have been so easy if the whole world ate croissants for breakfast, soup for lunch and a large steak for dinner. We’d never even need to ask what one wants. While homogeneity brings in a certain amount of convenience, it can rob us of what makes each one of us unique in our choices, our history, our cultures, our festivals, our food, and even the image we bear. As an image consultant, while I know it’ll be very easy for me to give one answer to all my clients to suit their needs, the true joy lies in digging to their core, pulling their light out from within, and helping them wear it on their sleeve. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Ironic as it may seem, movement is the order of life. How we see ourselves is a journey of growth. And growth is a different ballgame for each one of us.

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