How This Young Businessman Shridhar Ingale Saved Thousands Of Lives During The Pandemic

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The global pandemic due to the Coronavirus is amongst the darkest and biggest tragedies in the history of humankind. With millions of lives lost and many more affected, the Pandemic destroyed the lives of people all over the world. With thousands of job cuts and ever-expensive hospital bills, the pandemic made living a lot more difficult for the weaker sections of society.

However, in such difficult times, the world saw thousands of youth coming in selflessly, to help the people around them. Though with the extreme limitations of the various lockdowns, those selfless warriors still rose to the occasion. Be it providing thousands of oxygen cylinders for the needful population, or literally providing monetary aid to the weaker strata; the world saw thousands of heroes standing up face to face to the might of the deadly pandemic.

One such warrior was Shridhar Dilip Ingale. Shridhar is a 21-years old young businessman from Satara, Maharashtra. Shridhar rose to the occasion to provide all the help that he could to the people of his town, during the deadly pandemic. Shridhar donated a major part of his income to the welfare of the covid patients during the second wave of the pandemic. Moreover, he also rebuilt parts of Ahmednagar and Shrirampur. Also, he worked hard for the last few months to provide beds, proper food, and many other necessities for the needy ones.

Shridhar’s social works earned him a place of respect and love in his society. His selfless services during the hardest of times helped in saving thousands of lives all around Maharashtra. Through his works, Shridhar Ingale wishes to inspire thousands of youngsters to come forward and do their bit for society and bring about a positive impact in the lives of people.


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