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How 32 Watts clear aligners have outpaced competition in the aligner industry.

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Dental hygiene and care are the most ignored medical issues in India. Moreover, as dental malocclusion treatments are costly and time-consuming people refrain from starting the treatments at early stage. But with more and more awareness and the need to look camera perfect in today’s time, people are now turning to teeth alignment solutions that are accessible, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Clear aligner industry is at a very initial phase in India and only few players have been able to establish a reliable name in the country.  Sensing the popularity of clear aligners in India, majority of players in the aligner industry are luring the patients by delivering the same product at a low cost or direct to home but with compromised quality. Thereby, only few names have been able to live up to both quality and affordability. 32 Watts clear aligner company is one such brand that has gifted India a product made in the country but conforming to world-class quality standards.

 At 32 Watts, every patient’s treatment is crafted with utmost care and expertise Right from the first step of handling a patient’s query to guiding them to an expert orthodontist and delivering them a custom-designed aligner that gives expected end result, the company ensures that at each step the customer receives everything that is available best-in class. The very soul and heart of the company lies in a customer centric approach. Lot of companies take to a direct to home approach and by-pass the dentist in a race to make themselves commercially successful and ahead in competition. Clear aligners may be a simple looking, invisible and removable polymer tray where the entire control of wearing it and removing it lies in the patient’s hand but at the end of the day it is still a medical treatment. The seriousness of a medical treatment is all that matters to 32 Watts, therefore right from global quality to the business model, 32 Watts does it all ethically without compromising on the treatment. The business model of 32 Watts focuses on serving the treating doctor in the best possible way, be it a world class treatment plan made by experienced orthodontists, or the quality aligners manufactured in the German plant. No treatment is ever complete without a qualified doctor therefore 32 watts never trivialises the treatment ethos for any commercial gains. We believe in quality, ethics and seamless service, business automatically follows.

32 Watts Clear Aligners was launched in 2017 with an undeviating commitment to bring world-class teeth straightening treatment to India at a reasonable cost. In a short span of 4 years, the company has established itself as one the most promising and credible start-ups in India. In 2019, Silicon India awarded 32 Watts clear aligner company as one of the top 10 start-ups in Delhi-NCR. The company has been working rigorously under defined ISO and USFDA protocols to leave no scope of error in manufacturing and treatment process.  A proud, made in India Company is expanding rapidly from 500 treatments to 1000 treatments a month. These figures speak volumes about the 32 Watt’s dedication toward democratising the clear aligner treatment in India. A registered MSME and an ISO 13485:2016 certified company, 32 Watts has over 500 registered doctors and clinics all over India. The company has its head quarters in New Delhi while it has its presence in major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Pune and many more.

Quality and consistency are not a matter of chance. It is achieved through diligent efforts, knowledge and skills, right intensions and perseverance. The same have been the motto of 32 Watts to deliver a state-of-the-art product every time they serve a customer. This consistency and precision of getting it right every time is achieved through the magnificent German precision manufacturing unit at New Delhi.

32 Watts under the aegis of Render Wise Solutions is keeping up with international standards and technological advancements in the dental industry to offer international quality aligners.  It has been certified by 3Shape, Denmark in core categories of treatment planning, model printing and aligner manufacturing. 32 Watts through its research and development-based approach offers clear aligners that are crafted by high precision technology and with high quality raw material. The collaborative study with AIIMS, Delhi on clear aligners is a proof of the evidence-based treatment planning the company follows.  32 Watts is taking huge steps in making the clear aligners an accessible treatment for all.  32 watts promises to spread brighter, confident and beautiful smiles in India for years to come.


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